Complygate ID Verification

Real time automated ID verification using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure compliance.

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Automated ID Verification using AI

You are required to conduct document checks to make it harder for people with no right to work in the UK. Using ID verification will make it difficult to unlawfully obtain or get employment. It will also simplify the Right to Work check process and make it more robust.


  • Right to Work Checks using AI.
  • Prudent Tier 2 Sponsor Compliance.


Real time verification

Real time verification of Government-issued IDs like Passport, Biometric Residence Permit, Driving Licence etc . 3000+ ID types included across 200 countries.

Identify Fraud

Identify digital manipulation, content etc and deter fraud such as illegal working, immigration abuse, financial fraud and benefit fraud.

Complygate ID Verification Highlights

Complygate AI-powered ID Verification is the perfect way to conduct Right To Work Checks remotely. Scan the employee's government-issued ID to ensure that it has not been digitally manipulated. If you do not do this, you could be affected by identity fraud and penalised by Home Office.

Robust Right To Work Checks

Employers should conduct a Right to Work check before they employ a person to ensure they are legally allowed to work.

Identify Fake IDs

Complygate uses cutting edge technology and AI to detect fraud and minimise risk.

Simplify Applicant Onboarding

Easy to use and integrate with your employee onboarding workflow.

100% Data Extraction Accuracy

Employee ID data is extracted automatically and with 100% accuracy.

Automate Processes

Reduce the operating costs and time for employee ID verification with Complygate.

Improve ID Verification Accuracy

Protect against counterfeit and forged ID documents by quickly and automatically spotting patterns using AI.

Automated ID Verification Using AI


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Identity Verification

Complygate automates the online identity verification process which helps prevent online fraud, simplify employee onboarding and enable your compliance process.

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Document Verification

Complygate's Document Verification provides companies with a quick and easy way to verify customer information through identity documents and secondary documents...

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KYC & AML Compliance

Our AML, PEP & Sanction checks bring together thousands of data sources online in an instant, removing the need for physical storage whilst enhancing efficiency.

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