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1 Platform - 12 Checks

Complygate’s award winning Background Check (employee checking service) uses cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Our mission is to enable HR and compliance professionals in fighting fraud by providing them with state-of-the-art pre-employment screening (pre-employment check) platform. Reduce fraud and make sure your employees are who they say they are with our robust Employment Background check.

Pre-employment screening
What is Pre-employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening (Employment Vetting) seeks to verify the credentials of a job applicant and checks that he/she meets preconditions of employment (e.g. they have right to work in the UK and that they are legally permitted to take up an offer of employment). When conducting pre-employment checks, it should be established whether the applicant has concealed important information or otherwise misrepresented themselves in any way. To this extent, pre-employment screening may be considered a test of character. Most organisations use the information to identify individuals who may present security concerns to the business and also reduces the likelihood of an insider harming your business.

What legislation organisations need to be aware of while conduction Pre-employment screening (Employment vetting)?

Pre-employment screening (Employment vetting) practices and procedures must be compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. The following legislation must be considered to ensure that pre-employment screening procedures do not interfere with the individual’s right to privacy, disclose any information which organisations may find in an inappropriate way or without due cause, or use information in a discriminatory way.

The Law on discrimination applies equally to all online and offline checks. The regulations of most relevance to are:

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act (2006), Employment Rights Act (1996), Data Protection Act (1998), Equality Act (2010), Human Rights Act (1998)

and The Data Protection Directive (2012), although there are a number of other regulations, such as the Computer Misuse Act (1990) which also have relevance.

Employers should seek legal advise before introducing any new measures

Levels of Pre-employment Screening (Employment Vetting)

Minimum or basic level check

At the basic level of checks employers should verify the following:

  • Verify Identity of the prospective employee
  • Perform right to work in the UK check
  • Completed self-declaration criminal record form (if required)

Medium or advanced level check

At the advanced level of checks employers should verify the following:

  1. Verify Identity of the prospective employee
  2. Perform right to work in the UK check
  3. Completed self-declaration criminal record form
  4. Basic criminal record disclosure
  5. Highest academic qualification verification
  6. Relevant professional qualification
  7. Last five years of employer reference
  8. Social media searches (Media searches must be compliant with DPR, HRA & Employment law)

High level check

At the highest level, the following should be undertaken/verified:

  1. Identity verification
  2. Perform right to work check in the UK
  3. Ensure that applicants complete a self-declaration criminal record form
  4. Basic, Standard or Enhanced criminal record disclosure (if relevant to the job)
  5. All academic qualifications
  6. Relevant professional qualifications
  7. Employment references to cover at least three years (preferably five to ten years)
  8. Basic confirmation with employers of dates of employment, posts held and reasons for leaving and line manager references (if possible)
  9. Media checks
  10. Financial enquiries

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Example of Pre-employment screening workflow

Why you should choose Complygate Compliance centre for Pre-employment screening?

Complygate is future of compliance. We help you analyse and dissect gaps and adverse information on pre-employment screening report.

  1. Reduced cost – Complygate is faster, more accurate and more cost efficient than inhouse employment screening and other screening companies.
  2. Fast results – Our identity verification checks, Right to work checks, DVLA Checks, AML PEPs & Sanction Checks and Adverse credit checks work in real-time and can provide results in seconds.
  3. High degree of flexibility – We provide a flexible, high quality service to meet your specific needs.
  4. Global reach – We may be able to offer multi-lingual skills to conduct checks overseas. We can perform checks in any time zone, no matter what time it is in the UK.
  5. Cutting edge technologies – Complygate is at the forefront of advances in pre-employment screening techniques including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.
  6. Compliance – Complygate Compliance Centre is compliant and compatible with industry standards.


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