Complygate Document Verification

Scan, extract, and authenticate data from utility bills, credit card and bank statements.

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Establish Proof of Address with AI

Complygate's Document Verification provides companies with a quick and easy way to verify customer information through identity documents and secondary documents (utility bills, credit cards and bank statements) captured on a smartphone.


Your employee takes a photo of a utility bill or credit card statement and we will extract address information in seconds.


Complygate AI delivers 100% extraction accuracy, automatically. Even if documents are creased or crumpled.


Complygate automatically verifies and extracts data from secondary documents, even if they are difficult to read or crumpled.

Automated Document verification using AI


Document verification highlights

  1. Mitigate risk and provide a positive user experience to customers.

  2. Improve application completion rates by replacing manual applications

  3. Improved validation

  4. Meet AML & KYC requirements

  5. 100% digital onboarding

  6. Reduce friction and automate customer on-boarding

  7. Reduce administrative costs

  8. Reduce risk of fraud associated with manual document verification

  9. Verify all utility bills, council tax bills, credit card and bank statements

  10. Establish address proof in seconds using AI and machine learning

  11. We just don’t do OCR. We verify documents in real-time using AI

  12. Our AI does not give a % score. We say passed or failed with confidence

  13. 100% accuracy even with crumpled or creased documents

  14. Perfect fit for the financial industry and sharing economy

Global document verification

Complygate Document Verification lets your customers scan a document from any device, before checking it's genuine. Verify electricity and gas bill, water bill, council tax bill, credit card statement and bank statement in real-time.


Simplify User Experience

Allows you to easily capture a picture of a secondary document (e..g utility bills, credit card statement, bank statements, etc.) using a smartphone and carries out an optical character recognition (OCR) of the images to automatically decipher the data.

Meet Enhanced Compliance

Captures proof of identity and proof of address to meet compliance requirements, as required by the UK immigration, employment and data protection laws.

Count on Precise Results

Complygate has combined AI and automation to deliver 100% extraction accuracy.

Simplify User Experience

Data extraction occurs swiftly on documents of multiple types and languages, allowing clients to get results quickly.

Case studies


Banks always get digital account opening workflow wrong because they are driven by their own technological limitations and compliance pressure, however, they should be rather trying to solve the problem for their customers.

In the UK only 11% of successful account applications were completed start to finish remotely on a mobile device and the rate of abandonment for online account opening is nearly 35%. Today there is a big disparity between the needs of modern customer and the service offerings of old banks. Few of the old banks are now trying to catchup with the new banks and integrate technology to offer more robust services and user experience.

How can ‘Complygate document verification’ help?

In this fierce competition today’s customer needs fast and safe onboarding process. Our document verification is coupled with AI and can verify any utility bill in the UK in near real-time, including electricity and gas bill, council tax bill, credit card statement and bank statement, which is always needed for proof of address (PoA).

Improve conversion rates and KYC process by 50% with fully automated document verification solution.


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