Automated Reference Checking

Simple and automated reference checking software for background screening agencies, employers and recruiters.

  • Al-powered solution
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Fraud Detection
  • Save time and resources
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Automated Reference Check

Automated workflow for reference collection

Automated Reference Check

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What is Complygate Reference checking Software ?

At Complygate we believe in creating tech, which is simple, scalable, and automated. Our reference checking software helps you submit your employment reference requests faster which can save you time and cost.

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How does our reference checking software work?

Step 1

Create an individual candidate or use bulk upload to create up to 1000 candidates with one click.


Step 2

The candidate receives a welcome email, signs the consent letter online and adds their referee contact details.

Step 3

The referee completes the questionnaire.


Step 4

Our AI runs advanced fraud checks.

Step 5

View the reference report on the Complygate reference checking portal.


Our Pricing


For Medium Employers

Per check


For large employers and Recruiters

Per Month

**Unlimited package includes 500 reference checks per month. Cancel anytime.

Reference checking software highlights

  • Transform

    onboarding processes

  • Simple 5 step referencing process

  • Automated Solution which uses military-grade data encryption

  • Custom Branding, Dashboards and MI

  • Initiate references on individual or mass basis via bulk upload

  • Create bespoke questionnaire

  • Ability to manually schedule reference chases

  • Retain the details of all references obtained and validate newly provided reference details against the repository

  • GDPR

    referee checks

  • Ability to tailor communications sent out to candidates and referees

  • Advance fraud detection technology with AI

  • AI driven email validation to reduce friction in

    Employment Checking

  • Integrate with your existing ATS using our REST API

  • Round-the-clock support for all

    Hiring stages

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Reference Checking


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