Sanction Check

Verify global records to make sure your individual is not prohibited from working in specific positions.


What is the definition of Sanction?

Sanctions Checks can provide information about a person's past in relation to political exposure, criminal behaviour, terrorism, financial sanctions, and illegal activities.

This check aids businesses in locating persons who are subject to governmental, financial market, or law enforcement authorities' regulatory penalties or enforcements.

The Top Ten Most Wanted of the FBI, Interpol, and OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) lists, among others, are included in the Global Sanction Check.

Why conduct Sanction Check?

  1. You can be sure that your business complies with the global sanctions regimes if you do a high-quality sanctions screening.
  2. Assist firms in identifying risks and avoiding breaking sanctions laws.
  3. Give legal counsel about the permissibility of business dealings with particular nations.

Tips to conduct comprehensive Sanction Check?

  1. Get your customer data ready.
  2. Utilize tried-and-true technology to aid in screening.
  3. Check sanctions data against comprehensive and high-quality sources.


  • What information is required to run a Sanction Check?

    For the Global Sanctions Checks, the candidate's full name, date of birth, and current address are required; supplying all these details will help to guarantee that the checks are carried out successfully and as quickly as possible.

  • What information is provided back conducting a sanctions check?

    If there are any relevant details, you will be notified when a Sanctions check is finished:

    • Name of the issuing authority and nation.
    • A precise explanation of the punishment or action done
    • The individual's name whose statistics match
  • What is the OFAC list?

    A list of individuals, organisations, and institutions that are connected to, controlled by, or working on behalf of the designated nations is made public by OFAC. The list also includes those involved in criminal activity, such as terrorists and drug traffickers, as well as other persons, organisations, or groups.

  • What is SDN list?

    The Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List is known as the SDN list.

  • When is it crucial for companies to conduct sanction checks?

    Sanctions Checks are frequently necessary for compliance, but they also offer an additional layer of security and confidence in all jobs, defending your company from dishonest employees.

  • Who has the power to impose global sanctions?

    It depends on the type of punishment. For instance, although agencies like OFAC might develop penalties for certain persons or regions, the UN Security Council can impose sanctions that are applicable to all UN member states. Other nations' regulatory agencies are also permitted to implement their own per-person or per-location punishments.

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