High Risk Screening

High risk screening package is designed for senior management and specialist roles in all sectors.

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high risk employment screening

The high risk package is designed specifically for high risk, senior management and other specialist roles. This package of checks will make sure, as an employer, you are protected from hiring senior individuals who could play a huge part in the success of your organisation. Build a true picture of a candidate, protect your business, and mitigate the risk of fraud and reputational damage.

High risk package includes

  1. Identity Check

  2. Employment history check (5 years)

  3. UK Right to work check

  4. Unspent criminal record (basic DBS)

  5. 5-year address history

  6. Credit Check

  7. AML PEPs & global sanctions check

  8. Adverse media check

  9. Directorship check

  10. Highest Qualification check

  11. Driving licence check

  12. National Insurance Number (NINO) Record Check (via HMRC)

How does it work?

Once you have provided the contact details of the candidate/employee, we will invite them to our secure portal to complete a quick form providing the necessary information to start the checks.

They will need to provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address history for the last 6 years and the dates lived there
  • National Insurance number (NINO)
  • Two ID documents (Passport and Driving licence)
  • 5 years of employment history
  • Education qualification details

We take hours not weeks. Some checks like DBS, employment verification and education verification may take longer. Once we receive all the results these will be emailed to you immediately. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from our secure portal.

High Risk Screening Includes

UK DBS Check (High Risk)

£240.00 excl VAT


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