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What is an International Credit Check?

An Overseas Credit Check, also known as Multinational Financial Check, is a type of pre-employment background check (employment verification) that employers can conduct on potential or existing employees for sensitive positions, particularly those involving money and funds.

With our global financial pre-employment screening, you can obtain all of the information you require about the candidate from anywhere in the world.

Keep an eye on your global credit risk.

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Why are credit checks done for employment?

Employers want to know that your financial situation will not affect your work performance and that you will not pose a risk when dealing with money or confidential material. A credit check on potential or existing workers is required by law for law firms and finance firms.

A credit check for employment can have an impact on your job search. The credit report may contain some of the following information:

  • Annual financial statements
  • Rating revisions
  • Notifications of negative credit
  • Mentions in the media
  • Changes in the company's status
  • County Court Decisions
  • Director alterations
  • Credit limit adjustments

Examine candidates from over 200 countries.

From credit checks in Belgium, to credit checks in France, to credit checks in Italy – you name it. Complygate helps you with all your back ground check and pre employment screening needs.

Why Complygate credit checks?

Complygate is one of the most advanced pre-employment screening platforms in the United Kingdom.

Complygate leverages industry knowledge and experience to offer an employment vetting program that perfectly meets the needs of your organisation as part of our commitment to lowering risk, with our

How does the Complygate Credit Check operate?


  • How long will it take to receive my report?

    Credit scores are calculated using information from your credit report, and if you have provided accurate information, you will obtain it almost instantly.

  • What do employers look for when they review your credit history?
    A credit check reveals open credit lines, outstanding balances, vehicle or student loan debt, foreclosures, late or missing payments, bankruptcies, and collection accounts.
  • What are my rights as a candidate for the job?
    Employers can't investigate your credit history behind your back because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Before obtaining an applicant's credit history, they must get written consent.
  • Why do I need to provide the candidate's personal information and document numbers?
    We require these facts from you to authenticate your identity and provide you with accurate credit report information. Take comfort in knowing that we take the protection of your personal information extremely seriously and have strict security policies and systems in place.
  • What information is excluded from my credit score?
    A credit agency may not include any personal information about you on your credit report, including:
    • Beliefs or affiliations in politics, society, or religion
    • Racial, ethnic, or national roots
    • Criminal history, medical history, or a physical disability lifestyle
    • Lifestyle, personality, or reputation
    • Bank accounts
    • Sexual orientation or practises
    • Dependants
  • Is there anything that I can do to improve my credit?
    A credit agency may not include any personal information about you on your credit report, including:
    • On-time EMI payment
    • Make full credit card payments
    • It will enhance your credit score if you have used your available credit sparingly.
    • On-time repayments improve your credit score.
    • Reviewing your payment history on a regular basis helps you to analyze your financial health.


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