What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying gaming logic and design to everyday processes and situations, including work and business. Gamification has also been defined as application of gaming elements and concepts to non-gaming domains. Another popular definition of gamification is the “application of gaming principles and techniques to a business or some non-game context”.

The principle of gamification techniques is simple – redesign and innovate everyday tasks and processes - right from talent acquisitions, training, product management and sales. The general idea is to make processes more interactive, as in games, with the objective of enhancing user engagement and productivity and inducing fun at the same time.

HR experts always try to stress that gamification is much more beyond gamifying work processes and awarding points for successful task completion. But there is no denying the basic premise of gamifying things, i.e. making processes seamless by inducing the fun-factor and motivating people to complete their tasks and thus become “achievers”.

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