HR Terminology Candidate relationship marketing (CRM)

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What is Candidate relationship marketing (CRM) and what are its functions?

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) features for greater versatility in managing candidate relationships. It is defined as the structured process of maintaining a healthy and positive relationship Job seekers. This is done to have a ready pool of talent for hire whenever the talent is needed.

Candidate relationship marketing (CRM) can help recruitment managers to:

  • Engage with the job seeker on all levels
  • Build Agile career pages
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders more efficiently
  • Measure the performance of source-to-hire efforts
  • Proactively source and nurture future talent

Candidate relationship marketing (CRM) functions:

  • Talent pools
  • Internal Career Sites
  • Landing Pages with Data Capture Forms
  • Candidate search
  • Candidate profile
  • Activity tracking
  • Correspondence
  • Email campaigns
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