Do you estimate additional recruitment in 2023? In such a case, you're not alone.

Do you estimate additional recruitment in 2023? In such a case, you're not alone.

Do you estimate additional recruitment in 2023? In such a case, you're not alone.

The labor market after the pandemic is categorized by a lack of employees. Employees are no longer willing to make compromises and settle for just anything on the table. Post-covid, employees’ demands have increased and so have job vacancies in many different sectors.

Many have predicted that remote opportunities continue to rise through 2023. This gives the applicants more bargaining power and challenges the employers. It is no longer about simply filling up open roles, but it is about finding the right talents and the most suitable candidates for those roles. Not only is that hard enough on its own, but jobseekers in 2023 have made it harder with the increasing need for quality-over-quantity.

With moving up and heading into 2023, it is important to be wary of what the 2022 job market has seen and learn from those very mistakes made by employers.

Why is hiring in 2023 so complicated?

  • Skill gaps that employers want and what the candidates possess

    There is a growing skill gap in what recruiters want and what applicants possess. This is very rarely met. Many predict that in the coming years, individuals will continue to be severely unskilled for their jobs and this makes it harder for employers to find the right candidate.

  • The fear of being ghosted

    Both employers as well as jobseekers face the dilemma of being ghosted during onboarding. There is a communication gap that ceases to be filled. A smoother onboarding or a skillful set of eyes during the hiring process would be beneficial for those employers.

  • Long application processes and wait times

    Wait time goes with the fear of being ghosted. Most companies usually take too long to revert and lose the applicants’ interest. Along with this, background checks and vetting done by employers themselves takes a significant amount of time, which should ideally be a lot quicker with the help of experienced recruiters and HR softwares.

  • Desire for work from home jobs

    Today’s workers are driven by a desire for a remote or hybrid work environment. This is a barrier for some employers as most companies, especially IT firms, are concerned with productivity loss and increased stress levels that come with working remotely.

  • Retirees entering the market again

    Post covid, retirees are also reentering the workplace, and while this poses a threat to current or aspiring workers due to them being overqualified, it is a bigger challenge for employers to figure out where they must be placed. Along with that, the background checks process also becomes a lot stricter.

Why are companies struggling to retain employees?

Companies constantly find themselves struggling to attract the right talents and cater to their employees’ diverse needs.

  • Poor onboarding of the employees

    Most companies fail to make onboarding a fast, easy, and seamless process for the employee. They lack structure, preparation, and organization for a successful employee onboarding.

  • No growth/learning opportunities

    Studies show that workers feel much more inclined to produce better results and meet goals when they are in a work environment that promotes growth, learning and development.

  • Competition in the job market

    Due to the rising demands of workers in today’s economy, candidates have the upper hand when it comes to selecting a company that is willing to match their checklists. There are a variety of companies that may provide them with better opportunities and fulfil their needs.

Along with recruiters, do jobseekers also have bargaining power?

The pandemic has had a huge impact on employees and jobseekers. They rethink what they want from work, and demands as well as expectations continue to rise exponentially. In today’s post-pandemic economy, the employees are the king of the market. Today’s job market has transformed. Employees favor hybrid work environments and take on many additional roles where they can provide service simultaneously. This contrasts with what we’ve seen in the previous years. Unlike the earlier years where aspiring workers struggled to make it in their company of choice, today’s time sees employers trying to win over their preferred candidates from competitors.

How can you make the right hiring decisions in today’s day and age?

Today’s jobseekers have more power and control than the employers themselves. The 2023 job market continues to be led by applicants’ demands and expectations. However, there are some measures that employers can take to ensure that they are meeting at least some of those expectations.

Companies must take up the necessary measures to stand out from their competitors and provide their employees with the right tools, opportunities and incentives that promote a healthy work environment. Along with this, background checks must be a mandatory part of the onboarding process. A smooth onboarding of the new employee reduces wait time and speeds up the recruitment process. Along with that, it aids in the decision-making of the hiring process and helps you select the most suitable candidate with all the necessary skills and qualifications, while simultaneously verifying those very attributes.

Complygate provides a wide range of background checks like criminal recordsemployment referencesright to work checksadverse credit check and many more. Our AI-powered background checks simply make your employee onboarding easier which adversely affects your recruitment in general. Verifying your candidate with the help of an experienced recruiter such as Complygate helps you mitigate future risks and speed up the entire process because of expertise in the matter. This is a major advantage that screening providers have over independent searches. Click here to find out more about the kinds of background checks we offer.

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