Pre Employment Screening and Background Checks with Complygate

Pre Employment Screening and Background Checks with Complygate

Pre Employment Screening and Background Checks with Complygate

What is Pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening, background checks, or employee vetting helps verify an individual's credentials based on the information provided. It helps you decide individual suitability and credibility to hold employment in a job role. The company or the screening agency performs various checks like criminal records check, employment verification, financial probity checks, address history verification, academic and relevant certificate verifications.

A company starts the process of pre-employment screening when it has shortlisted a candidate for the role and before offering an unconditional offer of employment. It ensures the potential applicant meets all conditions required for the job.

Our software, data, and knowledge paint a deep understanding of who your prospective employee indeed is, based on their employment history, personal and professional references, and a range of other checks backed by Authoritative data. Complygate gives you everything you need to verify credentials and information at the touch of a button, which reduces friction during onboarding and is sustainable.

Why to perform pre-employment checks/ background screening on employees?

Performing background checks on potential candidates and existing employees is now more common than ever. It reduces the risk of fraud. Sometimes it is mandatory to perform all necessary checks on everyone. Companies might get a fine of up to £20,000 per staff member who does not have the right to work in the UK.

Key benefits of pre-employment screening:

  • Avoids Legal liability
  • Informed decision making
  • Reduce fraud
  • More productivity with high potential staff
  • Validation on credentials
  • Aware of employee’s past record
  • Verified credentials
  • Data security
  • Saves time and money, with better regulatory compliance

What pre-employment checks employers can make?

Complygate’s award-winning background check uses innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enabling HR (Human Resource) and Compliance professionals to fight against fraud and provide them with state-of-the-art robust pre-employment checks.

There is a range of screening services available:

  • Identity Verification
  • Right to work check in the UK
  • Basic DBS, Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS (depending on the level of the risk)
  • Academic qualifications and Professional qualification check
  • Employment references to cover at least three years (preferably five to ten years depending on the role and requirement)
  • Regulatory references required under SMCR
  • Media checks including any adverse media
  • Adverse Credit Check (Financial probity check)
  • AML PEPs & Sanctions check
  • CIFAS Check
  • DVLA Check
  • Global Directorship check
  • Overseas Criminal Record Check
  • FCA Register Check

How does Complygate pre-employment screening work?

Complygate is the future of compliance. We offer a range of comprehensive pre-employment screening services for confident hiring steps. We help you analyse and dissect gaps and adverse information on the pre-employment screening report. Each company can choose the service based on their needs and legal requirement.

There is a pay-as-you-go service for pre-employment or background checks, with a one-time registration fee. The service is fast, easy to use and secure.

Steps of pre-employment screening platform:

  • Register for Complygate Compliance Centre
  • Verify you email and phone number
  • Add a payment method
  • Activate the Complygate account and start using the platform
Complygate also offers a range of Background Screening package plans:


Hiring is a significant decision, so employers should be aware of their responsibilities to minimize risk. Choosing Complygate to work with for employment screening allows companies to have a great start, as we are a leading provider of pre-employment checks. Visit our Compliance Centre for detailed information, or Click Here to book a demo.

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1 platform - 20 checks

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1 Platform 8 checks

Enterprise Screeneing

Human-In-The-Loop screening platform coupled with AI

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Skilled Worker Mock Audit

SMCR Screening

For job roles that fall under SMR and SMCR.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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