Identity Fraud is a matter of concern in the upcoming years- Fix it with Complygate

Identity Fraud is a matter of concern in the upcoming years- Fix it with Complygate

Identity Fraud is a matter of concern in the upcoming years- Fix it with Complygate

As remote hiring has become a new trend in the recruitment process, various types of fraud are also spreading its net over the employers. It's possible that the person you interviewed over the phone or video conferencing one day might turn out to be someone else the other day. Applicant impersonation, ghost hiring, hiring fraud, and candidate identity theft are all terms that come under job fraud. It is described as the act of an ineligible professional applying for a job under the name, résumé, and work history of a real person who is completely qualified for the position.

What is Identity Fraud?

The unlawful use of another person's personal information by one person to conduct a crime, to fool or defraud that person or a third party is known as identity fraud. Most identity fraud cases include attempts to get access to a victim's credit card, bank account, or loan accounts to gain financial advantages. False identification documents have been used in criminal conduct (such as when attempting to enter restricted locations) or while interacting with official organisations, including immigration. These fake documents are frequently created today using genuine identities. Identity fraud may also refer to those who "hide" their genuine identity by using false identities, ID cards, forged papers, and age-related lies.

Reflect on it… How could you be sure of Identity Fraud?

How would you know that your applicant or new recruit is really who they claim to be without fingerprints or a DNA test?

As it is not possible to scan each candidate under tests to prove their identity, impersonation is greatly on the move especially when it comes to remote hirings and working from home, as the person or better say your new hire, will only be visible to you on your screen and not physically, and there would be limited interactions to understand the reality.

It's doubtful that the references they list are aware that they are really delivering a recommendation covering a job history that has been assumed by an impostor, even though they will still provide a good recommendation. It will get more challenging to establish a new recruit's true identity when you hire more remote workers from across the world since it is highly challenging to examine references in many less developed nations where references speak different languages.

What should you do next?

Modern problems need modern solutions, in case of identity fraud, you need someone or something out of your box.

You might be wondering why identity fraud taking place among the new recruits is not a point of discussion in the corporate world. Well, many organisations offering remote jobs face identity frauds frequently but do not feel the need to speak it out as many of them are embarrassed about it. Some take a step forward and take a check for it and sometimes they just stop recruiting remote employees to protect themselves from this risk further. However, it's not the only option available. You need to think of something out of the box, and this is where a third-party background screening company, like Complygate, comes to play. As an employer, you should always proceed with accurate background checks, and Complygate can be the best screening partner to rely upon.

Pre-employment procedures should be taken seriously since failing to do so might result in financial loss and harm to your organisation's reputation.

Fix all your Identity fraud risks with Complygate

Candidate names and residences are discovered during identity verification, allowing you to conduct accurate background checks. In fact, confirming a candidate's identification can frequently offer a more complete picture than the one they themselves present. Candidate submissions may include a nickname, a middle name in place of a first name, or a recently changed surname without the applicant being aware of the effect on accurate background checks outcomes. Sometimes applicants will purposefully give a fake or partial name to conceal something about their past.

The secret to creating a thorough and accurate background checks programme is finding a partner that can help you detect applicant identity issues. It's likely that your existing background check provider is keeping you in the dark about modifications that may be made to your programme or instances in which you're getting findings that are incomplete or erroneous due to an unconfirmed identification. On the other hand, if you engage with a seasoned and trustworthy partner in background screening, like Complygate, you can be confident that you will receive guidance and tools to assist you acquire the most accurate findings possible.

How does Complygate help you to fix Identity Fraud?

Complygate can help you fix identity fraud by conducting the following checks:

  • Identity Verification: Online identity verification is automated by Complygate, which makes it easier to onboard new employees, prevents online fraud, and supports your compliance process.
  • Id Verification: To conduct an identity verification, Complygate's AI-powered ID Verification is the best option. If you fail to do this, the Home Office may fine you and accuse you of committing identity fraud.
  • Document Verification: An employer may use any device to scan a document with Complygate Document Verification before confirming its authenticity.
  • Social Media Screening: You may verify references on social media and look for images that show the genuine person. The brand they represent suffers when candidates with histories of racism, misogyny, hate speech, and glorifying criminal behaviour advance to top leadership positions. With Complygate Social Media Check, you'll never overlook the clear warning indicators.
  • Reference Check: At Complygate, we prioritise developing technology that is automated, scalable, and easy. Our reference-check software enables you to submit reference requests for employment more quickly, which may help you save both time and money.

      Identity verification is an essential step in the selection process for candidates. It assists in ensuring that you choose individuals who are in fact who they claim to be and base hiring decisions on reliable and accurate background checks findings.

      Complygate makes use of AI for Identity Verification to confirm that an applicant is who they claim to be. If a candidate's identification cannot be verified, we will guide you through the full procedure to ensure that you always remain in compliance. Get in touch here to begin your journey.

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