Test Skilled Worker and Temporary Worker sponsor compliance

The UK immigration system has changed from 01 January 2021. Use our free online tool which allows you to quickly look at whether your organisation is prepared for the new immigration rules and regulations.

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Your team

Is there a particular person (or people) in your company who actively manages the companys day-to-day sponsorship duties?

Have you ever found it difficult to access the Sponsor Management System platform without referring to a current or former colleague's log in details?

Does the company currently have an "Authorising Officer" who meets all Home Office requirements?

Does a legal representative undertake all or most of your level 1 user responsibilities?

Record keeping

Do you have a full history of contact telephone numbers and addresses for all sponsored workers?

Would it be difficult to provide immediate data of all days that a sponsored worker has been absent from work or working at a different location?

Do you use a system for tracking visa expiry dates that sends automatic alerts?

Were you aware of the need to report new starters who start after the start date on their Certificate of Sponsorship?

Have you reported all workers who have ceased employment earlier than the date specified on their Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)?

Are you confident that salaries on Certificates of Sponsorship are the same as the amounts that your sponsored workers are now earning?

Advertising and recruitment

Do you know in which circumstances a job role needs to be advertised in the UK to be compliant with the rules for Tier 2 (General)?

Looking back at when you’ve sponsored a Tier 2 (general) migrant following a Resident Labour Market Test, is it likely that evidence of the advertising and recruitment process is incomplete in some cases?

Have hiring managers ever failed to provide thorough interview notes for British or EU candidates who were declined jobs that were offered to migrants for a Tier 2 (General) visa?

Do you have any sponsored workers who are still working for the company for whom you don't have any evidence of their recruitment?

Are you confident that you have always employed migrants for jobs that meet the mandatory minimum skill level for Tier 2?

If your sponsored workers ever work on a client site, do you have a contract with the client naming the worker, the work address and the anticipated length of time for the project?

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