Why do managers micromanage?

Stated in the Harvard Business Review there are two main reasons why managers micromanage. These are:

  • Have a stronger understanding and connection with lower - level staff.
  • To be more comfortable in doing their old job role, than keeping an eye of employees who now do that job role.

Signs of micromanagement:

  • Each task needs approval - For lots of micromanagers the idea is to give their team members control. This reason is because they believe that they are the only ones who are able to make decisions in their job effectively. This then makes employees feel as they need their approval about everything.
  • Over complicates instructions - You can identify if someone is micromanaging when in a simple straight- forward job role turns into over- complicated instructions.
  • Constant updates being an obsession - Instead of the employees doing their job role that they are hired for they feel the need to constantly update their every decision. Resulting in them to feel as if they are not trusted.
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