What are Group Dynamics?

Group dynamics refers to the study and analysis of the psychological behaviour that ensues in the event of group interactions. Group dynamics postulates that dynamics within a social group (intra-group interaction) is different from that between different social groups (inter-group dynamics). Group dynamics is rooted in the study of experimental psychology, especially how socio-cultural interactions of communities led to the evolution of new customs, languages, etc.

The underlying principle on which group dynamics works is that a whole entity is more complex and creates more complex interactions that what the sum of its parts can recreate. This principle has greatly contributed to our knowledge in the field of social dynamics, especially how groups operate and affect the society, thus impacting public policy-making across various levels.

A deep understanding of what drives individuals and teams to success, the characteristics of individuals who make up top-performing teams, and the factors which limit organizational success and the primary problems that today’s group dynamicists study and ponder over.

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