Cloud based HR Software

An end-to-end HR solution that enables HR professionals to send unified communications and access one source of data to monitor the status of organisation’s productivity and make immediate improvements where necessary.


Why Complygate?

Complygate HR software helps you move towards modern workplace where different types of employees – office, remote (work from home), agency workers, freelancers and apprentices – collaborate and use the latest tech every day.

Tier 2 Sponsor compliance

Complyagte helps you comply with immigration rules and regulations. Effectively manage Tier 2 Sponsor responsibilities.

Visa and work permits

The system issues alert before the expiry of key dates (visa expiry, work permit expiry, passport expiry) to the employee and the line manager.


Reduce admin error, increase productivity and pay your employees the right amount every month.


Hire the right talent and help them unlock their potential from the first day. Keep the job applicants informed at every stage of the recruitment process.

Skills matrix

Filter, sort and organise applicant information with a prudent approach.


Let us worry about the admin and formalities. We believe in making exceptional first day and after.


Upload receipts with a tap from any device using self-service and get paid faster. Keep all your receipts at one place for future reference and monitoring.


Book, approve, amend, reject and manage holidays with ease. Keep track of allowances and share calendars with team so the people have visibility of everyone's availability.

Employee self-service (ESS)

Manage profile, key contact details, request leave, timesheet and expenses from any device. Create reports and view assets.


simple and easy to understand.


Plan workforce and strategies with evidence-based approach.


Store and share documents with your team. Individual storage up to 1GB.


360° view of your organisation.

GDPR compliance

Policies and procedures to ensure employee data is collected, stored and processed in line with the GDPR’s requirements.


If an outstanding task is not marked as complete, then the system will issue alerts to the line manager and the employee.

Communication tools

Invite for interview, send offer letters or request further documents. We have a communication tool for each process.


Mark asset as idle or link with an employee profile.

Smart workflows

Automate reminders, verifications and information distribution, and reduce manual intervention.