Why do you need a modern HR system?

Why do you need a modern HR system?

Why do you need a modern HR system?

HR Systems play a key role in supporting HR in managing the culture and processes that keep an organisation running smoothly and efficiently. Technology is here to support us, and the HR industry is no exception!

What is it like being successful in HR?

A successful Human Resource department will look for the following:

  • A fast and quick-paced working place and dynamic profession are key for a workplace to be on the go and ready for the workforces’ insights.
  • Having HR software can allow HR and business leaders to access any data that is needed to be easily viewed and accessed. This can be done via the software’s that Complygate offers.

Imagine yourself in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Recruitment: vacancies, time to fill, candidate mix.

You are the Head of Recruitment and you have been asked to hand in some information about the update of recent vacancies by the board that have called you for this data. To prepare for the information for have one hour to do so. How are you going to ensure that you have all the necessary information that is needed in that one hour?

If you use Complygate’s HR software with recruitment capabilities that we offer, you will be able to gather the data and reports that are the following:

  • The time that it takes to fill out vacancies.
  • The roles that you currently have vacant.
  • Data about what your applicant mix looks like such as, diversity, location, education etc.

Having the HR system for all your data and information can allow you to make a good impression on the board, this is presenting some of the new starters recruiting experience, from start the applicant’s experience of when the saw your companies job ad to the onboarding process of joining your company. The HR system will also make it easy for you to re-check the procedure that your recruiting managers and recruitment team are following.

Scenario 2: Onboarding - Processes, documentation, welcome portals.

You have had the responsibility and are in charge of a new onboarding procedure for your organisation for the last year. You have been noticing that a certain department in the business is having trouble with getting new starters. You know that you must quickly come up with a solution to this problem before it has a negative long-term effect on the staff in that particular department and the organisation reputation. What would you do? Even knowing that you have provided the team with the best software that they can access to help them with the onboarding procedure and that you have set up the correct processes.

With Complygate’s HR system you can check things like:

  • Checking and reviewing the purpose of the onboarding procedure that you implemented in the HR system. Also, reviewing the fit of it.
  • Check to see if the onboarding procedure is up to date for new starters, as well as see if it is engaging for a better experience. For example, videos are very engaging that can become a valuable thing to put in.
  • Another thing that you can check for a new starter is that all the documents are prepared to be issued via the system, and the e-signature is good to go when it is needed by checking its functionality.

Scenario 3: Career and Succession Planning - Skills, potential, aspirations.

When you need answers, you are sure that you can get them from your HR system regarding, recruitment and onboarding which you can fill out the answer quickly. However, have you thought about succession planning and career? Or if the HR system has any information about future talent leave you stumped?

This is not the case if you do not have HR software ready to assist you in managing succession and career planning. The following are the things that you can report on:

  • The key skills that are within your workplace and gaps there may be that should be filled.
  • The job roles that need closer attention too and that may be able to step up if needed.
  • The career progression and opportunities that your employees want.

Complygate’s HR software can allow you to check the performance and it provides data tools to help measure their progress. This can assist you with seeing what works and does not work so that you can see the progression opportunities for your company. The performance and the data tools to help measure their progress can also assist in creating and shaping highly visual plans.

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