Background Checks for Talent Acquisition - What employers need to know

Background Checks for Talent Acquisition - What employers need to know

Background Checks for Talent Acquisition - What employers need to know

What is a background check?

Carrying out a background check will allow you to legally investigate an applicant’s background. In order to verify the identity, criminal background of a person, and credentials. Background checks are a key part of the recruitment process, as it assists organisations in making sure that they are recruiting trustworthy and honest applicants that can carry out their job roles. At Complygate we offer a wide range of background checks to help recruitment managers make informed decisions.

What is a pre-employment check?

Pre-employment checks are background checks that are performed on candidates before they are hired for a role. These can be identity checks, to ensure they are who they claim to be, document checks, driving license checks, DBS checks, etc.

A pre-employment check can challenge HR managers in ensuring that they are up to date with the latest compliance requirements. Click here to find out the pre-employment checks Complygate offers.

What is a Background check for employment?

Essentially, background checks for employment are pre-employment screening checks, although they can be performed in current employees in a regular basis to ensure compliance.

Criminal background checks, professional reference checks and employment history verification are the type of checks included in pre-employment screening. The necessary screening checks can depend on the job position and on its industry. For example, the screening can include: a drug screening or a DBS check, even though these checks are normally carried out after the job position has been offered.

Overall, pre-employment screenings are an opportunity to check if the applicant is who they say they are and to ensure compliance by verifying the data of the candidates and employees.

The benefits of background checks are the following:

  • It elps your company ensure that you make fully informed recruiting decisions. Giving you peace of mind that you are making the right recruiting decisions.
  • An opportunity to verify applicant claims of identity, education, certifications, and experience.
  • Decreases the risk in the workplace. By carrying out a background check, you can do a criminal background check to uncover any history of violence.

Different types of employment screening checks offered by Complygate

Pre-employment checks in the UK

Criminal record checks

  • For this to be applied there must be a relevant and proportionate job position.
  • Comply with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974. Where it cannot be requested is spent convictions, this is where a person that has committed a criminal offence, however, they have not reoffended in a given period.
  • Education and credential checks

    • This is to carry out the verification for the skills and knowledge that is included in an applicant’s CV.
    • This check can include technical training, university degrees, credential verifications and other education.

    Reference checks

    • A verification of references from previous employers to make that they are the right applicant for the job position.
    • Can be done through letter/email or phone.
    • Through these checks, discriminatory questions must be avoided at all times.

    Right to Work checks

    • The Right to Work check makes sure that the applicant is legally allowed to work in the UK.
    • This check must be taken places for all applicants regardless of nationality, race, or ethnic origin. Discriminatory claims must be avoided at all times.
    • To maintain all the checks there must be records.

    Credit checks

    • Credit checks must be proportionate to the job position.
    • These checks are normally reserved for those that work in the financial industry.

    DVLA checks

    • The requirement of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.
    • DVLA checks are relevant for the employees that drive on company time.
    • Ensure to put your dates of birth and cross-reference names, this information can be found on the criminal record consent form.

    Social media screening

    • Social media screening is an optional check.
    • It will provide insight into an applicant’s attitude and values which are valuable.
    • There will be an easy dictation of incriminating activity that can have an impact on the company.
    • An avoidance of discrimination must be in place at all times.

    How can an Applicant Tracking System help?

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an automated software application that allows Human Resource managers to handle and manage the hiring and recruiting process. ATS can be accessed online.

    This can assist in job role applications and posting job positions. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help with the applicant job-related process as it will be automated.

    ATS can assist with recruiting decisions, background checks of new employees can be done and checked through the ATS of a company. These checks can be integrated, and so can current employees be easily integrated.

    What are the benefits of using an ATS for pre-employment vetting?

    • Having a customised careers pages can assist you with gathering and collecting information and data easily. You will be able to customise each field by filling them in to allow applicants to complete them, this is for background check data as well.
    • Instead of outsourcing, ATS can help with integrating screening services with recruiting software. This will then help with saving time and money because the procedure will then be automated and centralised. As well as background requests for consent reports.
    • With integration, there is a reduction in the number of interfaces that are needed to process verification of all data and employment application. Allowing all user to gain a better experience during the process.
    • Using ATS for integration for background checks can make sure that a transparent and fair screening process is taken place. Also, this decreases as many risks as possible to any litigation.
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