The story of Complygate, the HR Software that helps UK SMEs stay compliant

The story of Complygate, the HR Software that helps UK SMEs stay compliant

The story of Complygate, the HR Software that helps UK SMEs stay compliant

Complygate is a modern company that offers a HR Management Software with all the necessary tools to help UK employers stay compliant within the current laws and regulations.

The company was born Birmingham, UK, and we have now an extended international team that works towards a common objective: making human resource management an easier task with the newest tech and helping UK organisations stay compliant with robust pre-employment screening checks.

Complygate is a UK HR Management Software with pre-employment screening solutions to ensure compliance.

Having a Skilled Worker Visa Sponsor License - from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) - allows companies in the UK employ talent from anywhere in the world. Having the Skilled Worker Visa sponsor license downgraded or revoked can be expensive and have a negative impact in the talent acquisition plans of an organisation. Therefore, investing in procedures and solutions that ensure compliance is key to keep your company safe from being penalised, since it's better to prevent than to cure.

Managing businesses can be expensive - from hiring people, training them, having a HR team to cover all the tasks, keep compliance with the current laws and regulations, etc.

Complygate was created to solve the most common HR-related issues.

Our CEO, Rajiv Ranjan, having worked with both small and large enterprises, noticed that smaller organisations often do not have resources to invest on HR. He observed that investing in HR was often seen as an extra cost, that required hiring someone just to ensure compliance.

It is common that on start-ups with limited funds, the legal aspects are neglected, having the wrong notion that nothing could go wrong in such a small organisation. But nothing goes wrong until it does. Then the costs rise exponentially.

We have always been taught that ‘to prevent is better than to cure’, which applies to businesses as well. A lot of time, long nights working late, money, resources, dreams... go into starting the business you are passionate about, therefore investing a little money in tools that will help you protect the company you have worked so hard to create will go a long way in protecting you and your business if something goes wrong.

Considering all this, Rajiv came up with the idea of Complygate – a single online platform that contained several tools, from managing employee details, to recruitment and onboarding, time and attendance tracking, expense tracking, leave management, analytics, communication tools, alerts and employee self-service portal.

Complygate HR System has been designed in collaboration with immigration and employment law experts, and has underwent very rigorous testing to ensure it covers all aspects of HR, Skilled Worker Visa compliance and employment law.

Complygate, an online HR Solution to ease your daily work life.

Complygate was designed in a way that it can be embedded into your daily work life. Unlike most HR softwares, that update the records at the end of the year, Complygate can be used in a daily basis, at any time, for employee management-related tasks by the employees themselves, and all the data is entered and updated in real-time.

In case you have missed something when introducing data, let’s say, of a new employee, the system’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) will tell you what to do next, and what is it that’s missing. The Software also gives you a deadline to upload the required information, and notifications are sent to the supervising manager as well.

Complygate is a smart HR system that can help safeguard and protect you, your employees and your business from all compliance-related issues.

How much do Complygate’s HR Software and Pre-employment Screening Solutions cost?

Complygate HR Software prices:

Complygate offers recurring subscription models depending on the size of your company. Enjoy simple monthly subscription fees with no hidden extras. Unlike other HR software, we do not charge you per user or per module. Enjoy up to 25% discount when you pay annually. (VAT is included).

Complygate HR Software Monthly plan:

Complygate HR Software Monthly plan

Complygate HR Software yearly plan:

Complygate HR Software yearly plan

Complygate HR Software Enterprise plan:

Complygate HR Software Enterprise plan

Complygate Pre-Employment Screening prices:

Complygate pre-employment screening software offers simple usage-based pricing means you do not get locked into big contracts. We may be able to offer discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.

  • £29.99 Signup fee. No contractual tie up.
  • Pay as you go. No minimum commitment.

  • Basic DBS (VAT included) - £35
  • Standard DBS (VAT included) - £36
  • Enhanced DBS (VAT included) - £54
  • Right to Work Check - £6 + VAT
  • DVLA Check - £4 + VAT
  • Identity Check - £5 + VAT
  • AML PEPs & Sanctions Check - £3 + VAT
  • Tax Defaulters List Check - £3 + VAT

Complygate Human-In-The-Loop Package Plans:

Complygate Human-In-The-Loop Package Prices

You can find more information on all our services and solutions on our website. An easier way to learn about it, and that will give you the chance to see the Software and checks in real time, and ask any questions, is by attending a 1-2-1 free demo. You can book a free demo here, and ask our team any questions that will help you make an informed decision.

document verification

Document Verification

Fully automated. No Human-in-the-loop.

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1 Platform 8 checks

1 Platform - 13 Checks

Innovative Platform For Employment Vetting

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Skilled Worker Mock Audit

Skilled Worker: Mock Audit

Immigration compliance and right to work checks

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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