DBS Online Update Service: Everything You Need to Know About DBS Service Update

DBS Online Update Service: Everything You Need to Know About DBS Service Update

DBS Online Update Service: Everything You Need to Know About DBS Service Update

The DBS or the Disclosure and Barring Service plays an important role in various employment sectors, safeguarding everyone's safety and well-being. Their services can appear complex at times, with several options catering to unique need. You may be wondering what comes next if you recently applied for a DBS check. In this situation, the DBS Online Update Service can be useful since it offers tools to manage your DBS Check after the application procedure.

The DBS Online Update Service provides continuous support for DBS Check applicants, therefore, understanding this service can be extremely useful when applying for a new job or maintaining an existing DBS Check.

What is meant by DBS Service Update?

The DBS Service Update is a useful online service provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This service is designed to simplify the process of maintaining your Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks.

Consider it as a portable DBS: It enables you to have your DBS check on hand and ready to present to potential employers in the same workforce sector (such as child care, adult care or others). Here's the crucial takeaway: while the DBS Service Update keeps your check up to date, in order for the certificate to be valid for any further roles, it may be necessary to undergo the identical level of check as when you first applied.

What is the cost of DBS Service Update?

The DBS Service Update provides year-round access for a fair cost of £13.

This annual subscription begins on the date your DBS Certificate is issued, ensuring you get the most out of your service. The good news is that volunteers who have a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check can apply for or use the DBS Service Update for free.

What is the validity of DBS Service Update?

The DBS Service Update operates on a yearly subscription basis This implies that from the day of registration, your registration is valid for one year. To ensure uninterrupted access, the DBS will send you a reminder email before your subscription expires, allowing you to easily renew for the following year. Some even recommend opting for automatic renewal when you first register to avoid any lapse in service.

What is the Registration Process for DBS Online Update Service?

Updating your Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks conveniently is possible with the DBS Service Update, but eligibility is essential. You must have already applied for a DBS Check in order to register.

Here's a breakdown of the three convenient registration methods available:

1. Using Your Reference Number

This option works best if you're still in the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application process. To apply, just enter your reference number mentioned in your application form. The only condition is that the DBS should receive your completed application within 28 days of joining the DBS Service Update.

2. Using Your DBS Certificate Number

Already secured your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check? Perfect! Within 30 days following the "date of issue" indicated on your certificate, you may still sign up for the DBS Online Update Service. For registration, simply have your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate number handy.

3. Using Your E-Reference Number (For e-bulk Applications Only)

This approach is only available to individuals who applied for their DBS Check through an e-bulk registered body. If that fits you, you will receive an e-reference number that you can use to register for the DBS Service Update.

Who Can Enroll in the DBS Service Update?

Maintaining your DBS Check credentials is made easier with the DBS Online Update Service, but eligibility is essential. Here's a quick guide to see who can enroll in the DBS Service Update:

Eligible Candidates

Applicants who have previously requested an enhanced or standard DBS check. This is the most important prerequisite because the DBS Service Update keeps these particular check types up to date.

Ineligible Candidates

Applicants with a completed Basic DBS Check. For Basic DBS Checks, the DBS Service Update is not yet available.

What are the Significances of DBS Online Update Service?

When it comes to managing DBS checks, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Update Service plays a significant role for both employers and individuals. These are the reasons why:

For Individuals

  • Effortless Efficiency: The DBS Online Update Service keeps your Standard or Enhanced DBS Check up-to-date, saving you time and hassle when applying for new roles within the same sector.

  • Cost-Conscious Choice: At just £13 per year, the DBS Service Update is a budget-friendly option compared to paying for a new DBS Check with every job application.

  • Reusable Advantage: Your DBS certificate becomes a valuable asset. Registered users can leverage it for multiple roles and employers within their specific workforce (child care, adult care, etc.), maximizing the return on your investment.

For Employers

  • Streamlined Verification: The DBS Online Update Service allows you to conveniently monitor the status of your employees' DBS Checks, ensuring they remain suitable for their roles.

  • Simplified Process: No more chasing down outdated DBS information. The DBS Online Update Service offers a centralized platform for managing employee DBS credentials.

The DBS Service Update is the solution if you're an employer trying to expedite your verification process or if you're an individual looking for a more effective DBS experience.

Contact us for further information on DBS checks and related services.

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