A Guide to Background Checks by Employer for Small Businesses

A Guide to Background Checks by Employer for Small Businesses

A Guide to Background Checks by Employer for Small Businesses

Building a strong team is essential for any organisation, but especially for small businesses. Each hire you make has a significant impact on your company's performance. That is why background checks are a worthwhile investment, even if your resources are still growing.

Consider this: hiring someone who isn't a perfect fit can lead to a domino effect. If they lack the necessary abilities or expertise for the job, it can reduce overall production. The extra workload might fall on other employees, leading to frustration and resentment. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to burnout and resignations, which no small business can afford.

But the good news? Unlike large companies, which hire dozens (if not hundreds) of new employees each year, small businesses often have a smaller talent pool. This results in fewer back ground checks to manage, making the process more streamlined and effective.

What are Background Checks by Employer?

A background check is essentially an in-depth look into a candidate's past, revealing crucial information to assist you make informed hiring decisions. Here's a breakdown of some common checks:

  • Right to Work: This verifies a candidate's legal ability to work in your country. This is mandatory for employers in the UK.
  • Professional Qualifications: This ensures they have the skills and experience listed on their CV.
  • Criminal Records: This check discloses any previous convictions that may have an impact on job performance or workplace safety.
  • Credit checks (optional): For positions handling finances, a credit check can provide additional insights into a candidate's responsibility.

Remember choosing the right background checks depends on the specific role. For example, a credit check may be necessary for an accountant but not for a graphic designer.

Why are Background Checks by Employer Essential for Hiring Right?

While some might question the necessity of background check by employer for small businesses, the advantages are undeniable. Here's why:

  • Building a Trustworthy Team: Conducting accurate background checks allows you to verify qualifications and identify potential red flags. They provide a clearer picture of a candidate's skills, qualifications, and work ethic, which are disclosed through reference checks. This builds trust among your team members and sets the framework for a dependable workforce that drives your business ahead.

  • Legal Compliance: Certain checks, like right to work check, are mandatory depending on your location. Skipping these can result in legal issues down the future.

  • Financial safeguards: In certain industries, such as finance, credit checks may be needed by law to protect sensitive information and corporate assets.

  • Reducing Risks: Employee theft is a harsh reality, costing businesses billions annually! Even a small theft can cripple a small business. Background checks help identify candidates with a history of criminal activity, mitigating potential risks and protecting your valuable assets.

Why should you partner with a third-party background checker for your small business?

We've established that back ground checks are crucial for small businesses, but managing them in-house can be difficult. With limited resources and employees, the procedure can be time-consuming and daunting. This is where third-party background checker comes in.

Here are some of the reasons why you should partner with a background checker:

Free up your time to focus on what really matters.

Background checks by employer might include a complex web of verifications, ranging from education to criminal background. Complygate, a third-party background checker, takes care of everything. Simply provide candidate information and select the checks you require. This allows you to devote more of your important time to core business operations such as team management and venture growth.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Working with a background checker may appear expensive, but the benefits outweigh the expenditures. They save time, ensure compliance, and provide scalable solutions. Complygate has got you covered, whether you require one check for a single hire or hundreds. Furthermore, you pay just for the checks you need, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Faster Access to Top Talent

Background check providers have access to large databases, allowing for thorough verification and quicker turnaround times. This means you can swiftly find and hire the best talent, allowing them to contribute to your success sooner rather than later.

Compliance Confidence

Reputable background check companies are skilled at handling the complexities of legal regulations. They guarantee that each check follows all relevant laws, reducing your chance of future legal complications. This gives you confidence in your hiring decisions, knowing you've brought on qualified individuals who can propel your small business forward.

What Background Checks Reveal for Small Businesses

Employee checks for small businesses could involve the following:

  • Criminal History: This is a standard check that reveals an individual's criminal history, including arrests, convictions, and outstanding warrants. Protecting your clients and customers is critical, and this check contributes to a safe work environment.

  • Employment Verification: Have you ever wondered how a candidate's résumé stacks up? Employment verification checks work history, job titles, dates of employment, and even the reasons for leaving previous jobs. This sheds light on their work ethic, skills, and overall compatibility with your corporate culture.

  • Education Verification: This check, like employment verification, checks an applicant's educational history, including degrees, certifications, schools attended, and dates. It ensures that they meet the qualifications indicated on their résumé.

  • Professional Licence Verification: Many professions require licencing. This check determines whether a candidate's licences are valid, active, and without restrictions. It assures that they are legally qualified to perform the job obligations.

Prioritising background checks is an investment in your small business' future. You'll form a strong, dependable team, foster a safe working environment, and safeguard your well-earned reputation. Partnering with a third-party service, such as Complygate, alleviates your workload. We provide extensive and timely checks, ensuring that all relevant information is gathered efficiently. Additionally, our compliance experience ensures that the checks follow all applicable rules and regulations.

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