Background Check or Criminal Record Check: What's the Difference?

Background Check or Criminal Record Check: What's the Difference?

Background Check or Criminal Record Check: What's the Difference?

Observing any successful business reveals how important employees are to the company's success. Hiring skilled staff is crucial regardless of the kind or size of the organisation. It can greatly improve your proceedings, leading to an unavoidable market rise.

Companies must be comprehensive in their approach since the practice is critical. Hiring an ineffective employee is bad for the company but hiring criminals or unscrupulous characters is far worse. That is why every reputable company invests significant time and money in doing a background check.

Background checks are common in today’s marketplace, but their inconsistent use causes misunderstanding. What exactly is an employment background check, and how does it vary from a criminal background check ? Such inquiries are prevalent in every company.

Though both terms are used consistently, their scopes are remarkably different. The first creates broad information on the candidate, while the second generates particular data depending on criminal behaviour.

What makes them unique, and why should they be used? Let us look more closely.

What is a background check?

Pre-employment background checks give companies crucial information about potential applicants. These insights help firms to hire with greater assurance.

What is the significance of this? It's evident that terrible hiring may cost businesses a good amount of money.

There are other varieties of background checks, including DVLA, DBS, Educational verification Employment Reference checks, Right to Work Checks,Social Media screeningsCriminal Record Check,  Adverse Credit ChecksSMCRBS7858BPSS, and many more.

Most employment screening procedures include a criminal background check as a core component. Employers frequently conduct additional types of background checks in addition to criminal history checks, depending on the type of employment and role.

For Instance, if the nature of the job is government security, then the candidate needs to perform a BPSS screening, Likewise, If the position is for schools or care homes then they need to perform Enhanced DBS Checks, to ensure that the candidate does not have a history of inappropriate behaviour.

Pre-employment background checks assist companies in making better hiring decisions. Developing legal compliance, and a successful screening programme may be difficult, which is why partnering with a reliable and Professional Background Screening service provider, is always a sensible move.

What is a criminal record check?

A criminal record check is one form of Background check. Understanding a candidate's background, particularly their criminal history, is a crucial component of the recruiting process.

A criminal background check assists an employer in determining if a candidate's prior behaviour might jeopardise the person's ability to fulfil the requirements of the employment or even depict a risk to clients and coworkers.

While not always accurate, prior conduct is frequently predictive of future behaviour and should be carefully assessed on an individual basis in compliance with the following guidelines.

Bad recruiting decisions have caused businesses to fail in the past. By doing a thorough criminal background check, you may prevent this predicament while also considerably boosting the speed of your recruiting process. It assists companies in determining if a candidate's prior behaviour can harm the organisation currently.

Basic criminal record checks provide details such as the candidate's true identity, biography, offenses, imprisonment, or jail sentences. Depending on the employer, it may also include information about outstanding convictions. Such data is derived from police and court records, as well as other sources.

In most countries, the normal period for a criminal background check is seven years. However, if you have a thorough criminal background, you can extend the search to 10 years.

Businesses may restrict their history search to federal, state, county, or even national. Complygateprovides Overseas Criminal Background Checks in more than 200 countries.


Both background checks and Criminal Record Checks serve distinct goals, yet both provide benefits such as:

  • Ensure the security of colleagues, customers, and the workspace.
  • Establish uniformity and quality throughout the organisation.
  • Effectively reduce employment expenses in the long term.
  • Improving operational efficiency and long-term obligations.
  • Compliance with the law and the reduction of fines and penalties.

A background check is required in order to hire the best professionals for a company. However, differing conceptions might lead to employer confusion about the optimal strategy. While a background check is a larger term, it also includes a criminal background check.

A criminal record search, on the other hand, concentrates on criminal activity and prior behaviour. Both record checks are important, but for top corporate jobs, a criminal search is essential.

Complygate Pre-employment Screening solution may help you to conduct seamless background checks for your employment requirements.

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