Role of Complygate HR-Software in UK Skilled worker VISA Compliance

Role of Complygate HR-Software in UK Skilled worker VISA Compliance

Role of Complygate HR-Software in UK Skilled worker VISA Compliance

What is a UK skilled worker Visa?

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is the primary UK immigration route for non-UK resident employees.

The Tier 2 (General) work visa has been substituted by the Skilled worker visa. A skilled worker visa permits people to travel to or stay in the UK to work for a Home Office-approved business (sponsor).

The UK Skilled Worker Visa allows qualified overseas employees to work in the UK for licensed UK firms.

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is a long-term work visa that will be given for up to five years at first (This will be determined by the validity of your Certificate of Sponsorship).

It is vital to know that your visa is only valid for as long as you continue to work for your sponsoring business in the same position. You will need to re-apply for a Skilled Worker visa if you want to change jobs or employers.

What are the benefits of a Skilled Worker UK Visa?

  • Work in the position for which you were sponsored.
  • Bring any qualified dependent family members with you to the UK.
  • Work up to 20 hours per week for a different company in the same job profile category.
  • Participate in unpaid volunteer work.
  • Travel freely abroad and return to the UK (Keep in mind that if you want to apply for unlimited leave to remain in the long run, you must not spend more than 180 days (about 6 months) outside the UK in any subsequent year).
  • After five years of constant residence in the UK, apply for ILR.

What is the purpose of skilled worker visa compliance and monitoring HR software?

A skilled worker visa compliance HR software skilled worker visa compliance HR software would be required by a corporation as a digital resource that tracks employee and migrant worker behaviour and can flag unusual activity and highlight any early warning indications.

  • To save copies of important papers, such as passports and work permits, for each employee.
  • To keep track of your employees' immigrant status.
  • To keep worker contact information up to date.
  • To alert you if there is an issue, such as if your employee fails to show up for work.
  • To record and track employee attendance.

Role of Complygate HR-Software for UK Skilled worker VISA Compliance

  • Sends alerts to employers reminding them that UKVI's Message must be updated and ensuring that the date, time, and identity of the person amending the record are clearly traceable. If that prompt is ignored, a reminder notice will be sent.
  • Our compliance and monitoring software contain rules of conduct that each employee must read and sign to demonstrate that they understand before using the product, and that must be re-signed on a regular basis (ideally annually). This avoids misconceptions and clarifies roles and duties./li>
  • Its skilled worker visa compliance solution guarantees that reports may be generated for both individual employees of a license holder and all their sponsored employees.
  • Its skilled worker visa compliance and monitoring system are solely accessible to selected members, ensuring their trust in the system.
  • Complygate  is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics, assisting you in determining if the Right to Work papers are authentic and original and whether they belong to the person who gave them to you. Photos are consistent across all papers and appear to be of the applicant or not.
  • It also provides human-in-the-loop services, in which we provide both the technology and the people to do right-to-work checks.
  • Its HR Software provides UKVI (UK visas and immigration) (Home Office) Skilled Worker Sponsor compliance assistance to equip your business with the tools necessary to maintain compliance. This is an important service that can help you avoid being penalised.
  • It helps you keep and manage documents, which can be requested by UKVI (Home Office) anytime.
  • Its Skilled Worker Sponsor Compliance software has simplified and organised record-keeping obligations, reporting, compliance with immigration law and regulations, genuine vacancy & appropriate rate, and collaboration with UKVI (Home Office).
  • It is compliance management software that delivers information not advice.

    Complygate  realise that your company wants to expand and wants to employ potential candidates globally to help people who need it the most. The procedure for Complygate compliance helps you to determine what standards your organisation must follow and what kind of supervision your organisation must undergo while applying for a UK Skilled worker visa.

    We ensure your growth and safety by providing promising solutions related to your compliance.

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