Why is Complygate the right HR and Background Screening Solution for you?

Why is Complygate the right HR and Background Screening Solution for you?

Why is Complygate the right HR and Background Screening Solution for you?

Complygate is a modern human resources software company with all the tools needed to help UK employers comply with applicable laws and regulations.

The firm was founded in Birmingham, UK, and we now have a global team working toward a shared goal: making human resource management easier with cutting technology and assisting Employers in remaining compliant with strong pre-employment screening procedures.

Smaller businesses typically lack the means to invest in human resources

Complygate’s founders knew that, and that small enterprisesoften consider HR as an unnecessary expense that mandated employing someone only to guarantee compliance.

The legal concerns of start-ups with little funding are frequently overlooked, with the mistaken belief that nothing could possibly go wrong in such a small organization. However, nothing, goes wrong until it does and then they face crisis as the cost then grows at an exponential rate.

UK businesses quite often need to hire people from all over the world and to do that, they require a Skilled Worker Visa Sponsor License from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) permits.

It may be costly to have a Skilled Worker Visa sponsor license downgraded or cancelled, and it can have a detrimental influence on an organization's recruitment and selection strategy. Investing in systems and solutions that assure compliance is critical for avoiding penalties for your organization.

Hiring employees, training them, having an HR staff to handle all of the responsibilities, staying in compliance with current rules and regulations, and so on may be costly.

Complygate was designed to address the most frequent HR concerns.

By correctly completing employee due diligence and ensuring that your company only recruits the best and most suitable individuals, Complygate HR software helps you make smarter recruiting and business decisions.

With its effective tracking tools, Complygate HR software reliably validates candidate records using a mix of accessible information and machine learning algorithms, making HR easier and faster.

Complygate HR software preserves all desired characteristics in the way you manage the workforce

In recruiting, diversity, fair compensation, and so on - via the use of breakthrough Machine Learning algorithms for making the best judgments.

Complygate's finely tuned monitoring tools provide real-time information to assist you make the best recruiting decisions and, as a result, increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Complygate was developed in such a manner that it could be seamlessly integrated into your regular work routine.

Unlike other HR software’s, which update records at the end of the year, Complygate may be used by workers for employee management-related duties on a daily basis, at any time, and all data is input and updated in real-time.

The software also schedules a deadline for you to upload the needed information, and then the supervising manager is reminded as well to check the uploaded work.

Complygate is a smart HR solution that could very well assist you, your workers, and your company in avoiding any compliance-related difficulties.

Recurring Subscription Plans for your HR Management Platform

Depending on the size of your organization, Complygate provides recurring subscription plans. We don't charge you on the basis of per user or per module, unlike other HR software. When you pay annually, you could save up to 25%.

As Complygate's pre-employment screening software is based on use, you won't be trapped into long-term contracts. We may very well be able to provide discount as your consumption increases, ensuring that you always pay a reasonable price.

Businesses should consider the expense of non-compliance before underestimating the necessity of investing in a pre-employment screening instrument.

There is presently no software like Complygate available in the UK for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs). We built this platform to answer a genuine and immediate demand, allowing employers like you to assess all of the qualified individuals who can satisfy your requirements.

You can utilize Complygate to stay compliant with GDPR and immigration rules, and you'll never have to worry about the hefty fines that come with non-compliance.

Complygate is a digital start-up that is devoted to make HR compliance software solutions more affordable to SMEs in the UK. We centred on ease-of-use throughout our product since we understood both the benefits of such software and the challenges of Tier 2 sponsorship compliance.

We're always happy to answer any questions you have about Complygate, and you can experience a live demonstration of the software at www.complygate.co.uk.

We make it simple for you to supervise and manage this part of your organization on your own, without having to outsource your HR job.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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