Top 15 Advantages of a Centralised Background Screening Online Portal

Top 15 Advantages of a Centralised Background Screening Online Portal

Top 15 Advantages of a Centralised Background Screening Online Portal

The job markets associated with major economies of the world have greatly become candidate-driven wherein job seekers are provided many choices for skilled roles. This further requires the employers to find new ways to ensure and maintain better candidate experience and employer brand, which can ensure attracting best and right talents. Simultaneously, background checks of candidates are extremely important to prevent fabricated falsifications and memberships and any other possibilities which can lead to harmful consequences for the economy.

According to global surveys, a bad hire is likely to cost an organization up to five times a normal employee’s salary when all hiring, onboarding and training costs are accounted for. If the candidate has access to sensitive data, this can further have grave consequences for the organization. Therefore, it is imperative that companies minimize these risks as much as possible by instituting strict and robust background screening policy. Modern background screening technology is a state-of-the-art, robust, easy-to-use technology that makes the task of screening applications seamless, efficient and quick, thus enabling HR professionals to make swift, better decisions.

Leaders and technology developers of the world’s foremost employment screening programmes focus on robust technology and continuous investments to provide state—f-the-art background screening process technology and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Top background screening organizations have screened more than 20 million candidates in the previous financial year. The key to background screening and research, as all these organizations would agree, is using a single global platform and thereafter allowing their customers to order global searches through the same platform. This allows organizations to view a candidate’s history in a single easy-to-read report, as well as keep incumbent HR staff on the same level through centralised access. Also, proprietary technologies can also incorporate distinct features based on regional and local preferences.

In the process, personal information of candidates is protected as per various internationally recognised data protection regulations, and background screening platforms remain compliant with product and service delivery.

A decentralized approach to Human Resource Management poses several challenges to many organizations. This happens most often in case of mergers and acquisitions, wherein organizations inherit HR departments and their processes which function in a decentralized way. However, the situation can be considerably improved by employing a centrally managed background screening program which helps organizations to minimize risks, maximize compliances and provide a seamless interface for driving and sustaining HR processes and solving related problems for organizations and their workforce.

A centrally managed background screening program can influence an organization considerably, to the point of mitigating risks, augmenting and strengthening compliance, and providing a seamless and a robust end-user experience.

1. Enhanced recruitment experience

Centralised background screening provides streamlined, custom-tailored screening solutions which benefits both candidates and recruiters alike. The results of centralised background screening are in line with their objectives, which is providing tools to guide recruiters and candidates through the process and helping candidates get hired for the right jobs.

2. Risk reduction by incorporating Compliance, Adjudication and Adverse Action

A centralised system is able to maintain a tighter and a more stringent compliance through the organization. Along with these features, additional improvements like consistent adjudication and fulfilment of adverse action are also incorporated through the organization.

3. Account Structure 

Structurally, centralised programmes are lightly built and require fewer accounts, lesser package variations, lesser one-off processes and in general are much easier to manage.

4. Training 

Various new user templates like onboarding and training are simplified and streamlined by centralised management portals by unifying policies and including steps to properly use screening solutions.

5. Screening Standards 

Screening standards are kept uniform and consistent by employing various parameters like job roles, package content, up-to-date changes in process requirements and compliance, and updated opportunities which assist in making hiring decisions and reviewing policies.

6. Ordering of Background Checks 

Centralised processes make compliance policy management easy and seamless, including verifying corresponding job positions, running credit checks for positions related to finance, specialised screening requirements for regulatory positions etc. It also ensures that a dedicated staff can handle and manage the process well.

7. Tracking of Results 

Status checks can be better managed by individuals who have a thorough understanding of centralised screening and management processes. This also improves response time, ensures minimum to zero delays in screening and shortlisting profiles and thereby accelerates the overall process.

8. Candidate Engagement 

Centralised background screening improves overall communication between candidates and recruiters. This gives a certain degree of comfort to candidates as to what may be expected / required of them.

9. Candidate Experience 

A centralised background screening portal can ensure a consistent candidate and recruiter experience by centralising and consolidating global resource for all locations and departments

10. Reporting 

Centralised background screening portals provide better communication features to senior management on various organizational parameters and metrics such as Return on Investment, time-to-hire, adjudication readout (percentage of candidates passing background check vs those that do not), process improvements etc.

11. Auditing 

Positive screening results have assured and verified that centralised background screening portals better screen candidates that other candidate screening paradigms. This is additionally advantageous for rescreening requests. Also, it is in the case of centralised screening management systems that support and give impetus to audits for yielding better results.

12. Configurable portal

Centralised background screening portal are configurable as per the clients’ requirements / organizations’ specifications. This ensures better candidate and recruiter experience and faster turnout.

13. Around-the-clock investigation time-service model

Around the clock screening feature ensure that background screening portals do not miss any screening window and give the most accurate results.

14. Global vetting support

Centralised background screening portals provide global vetting support facilities to clients and recruiters so that all candidatures are converted only after thorough investigation.

15. Swift turnaround time

Rapid turnaround times of global centralised background screening portals make way for a swift recruitment process with less investment and a better efficiency.

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