Pre-employment Screening with Complygate HR Software

Pre-employment Screening with Complygate HR Software

Pre-employment Screening with Complygate HR Software


Pre-employment screening and background checks is an indispensable aspect of the hiring process. Any organization looking to effectively increase the workforce needs to exhaustively ensure that the candidates they’re screening for possible roles or job openings are legitimate employees with clean professional records by making necessary pre-employment background checks and criminal record checks against all those considered for relevant jobs.

Pre-employment background checks, including the total number of checks, generally depend upon on the hiring organization based upon their own laws, and sometimes as per the government regulations. As a sound understanding of various practical scenarios, considerations and risks is indispensable in this process, therefore the organizational hiring teams must be thoroughly well-versed in practical implications and know-how of various pre-employment checks required to shortlist candidates.

It is a standard requirement of an organization to show proofs of pre-employment background checks to the national government. The UK Government fines an organization up to £20,000 if they fail to produce an evidence of having checked an employee’s right to work. This way the Government is able to ensure strict compliance and conformance of protocol to the Right of Work. Therefore, stepping up its game requires an organization to perform efficient and timely pre-employee background checks.

With a view to stepping up HR initiatives in this regard by strengthening HR and compliance professionals to fight fraud, Complygate aims to provide them with robust, state-of-the-art pre-employment background check platform.

Complygate HR software, with its various advanced in-built tools, helps HR professionals finish their reports seamlessly and stay updated, whether it be performing ID checks on their applicants or screening employees’ medical records for any serious illnesses of the past.

Complygate HR software employs the use of cutting edge Machine Learning algorithms for various background checks and individual ID checks based on available data. In this way, Complygate HR software allows HR professionals and organizations to reduce fraud and enhance organizational workforce on all levels.

Carrying out pre-employment background check:

- Right to Work checks

Organizations must mandatorily ensure that all employees and oncoming suitable candidates are checked for Right to Work in the UK for particular roles that they’re working on / applying to take on. It is imperative that, owing to the current worldwide movement of workers and job-seekers, organizations must shoulder the responsibility of delineating the right talent with proper paperwork.

Complygate HR software swiftly and seamlessly checks profiles and tabulates them accordingly for valid Right to Work permits.

- Criminal records check

Organizations hiring for open positions are required to carry out proper criminal records checks before shortlisting and finalizing a candidate. This is due to compliance requirements for legal obligations which include protection of national integrity and critical information and safeguarding vulnerable members of the society from any entity harbouring ill intents towards the national security in general.

Complygate HR software checks profiles efficiently and seamlessly for past criminal records, if any, and informs you swiftly for a candidate’s suitability towards applied jobs.

- Medical records Check

Organizations are, in general, required to check oncoming potential candidates for medical records before shortlisting and assigning them to work. This is due to concerns raising from a greater diversity, inclusivity and various other attributes that a global workplace demands. Another major reason can be that the role for which applications are invited is a specialised role involving a fit and healthy candidate having no serious history of serious ailments.

- References

References from previous or current employers are requested by hiring organizations to ascertain, in a general sense, the integrity and disposition of an employee amongst other things. Thus, the aspect of previous employers to provide accurate and meaningful references that are not misleading is crucial to the integrity of the entire hiring process, and their compliance is requested willingly. Apart from this, past employee experience is crucial to many industry sectors and they conduct organized employee background checks through commercial third-party agencies.

Complygate HR software, with its advanced tracker tools, accurately verifies applicant backgrounds using a combination of available information and machine learning algorithms, thus making the task of HR easier and quick.

- Social media profiles Scanning

There is a sharp annual rise in the number of organizations using social media portals to research their applicants’ backgrounds. As per reviews by various surveying agencies, an average of one in five organizations base their decisions on a candidate’s social media profiles and portals. However, due attention should be paid to the information on social media profiles, which is not always true, and organizations must inform candidates beforehand if they’re going to conduct social media checks during the hiring process.


- Credit checks/ Adverse Credit Checks

Credit checks should be mandatorily carried out by organization(s) who have hired / are looking to hire foreign workers having legal Right to Work in the UK. Credit checks, carried out for working tenants as well as their landlords are also important indicators of individual integrity.

Complygate’s HR software allows HR professionals to seamlessly perform accurate background checks and integrate specific details into the analytics portal for quick analytical reports on these individuals.

Complygate HR Software assists you to make better business and hiring decisions by accurately making the above employee checks, thus ensuring that your workplace hires only the best and most suitable candidates. Complygate HR software, through its use of innovative Machine Learning algorithms for making the most optimal decisions, maintains all desirable aspects in the way you manage the workforce - hiring, diversity, compensation, etc. Complygate’s advanced tracking tools deliver real-time insights to help you make the best hiring decisions and thus make your organizations more efficient and productive.

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