Sourcing Strategies to Help You Find Extraordinary Candidates

Sourcing Strategies to Help You Find Extraordinary Candidates

Sourcing Strategies to Help You Find Extraordinary Candidates

Every organisation starves for an exceptional talent in their workforce, as it is not an easy task to source such candidates in the present competitive environment. But attracting such talent is essential for the future of your organisation.

The right candidate can improve productivity and the culture of your company, while on the other hand hiring the wrong candidate can hamper your company’s culture and you may be wasting your resources on them.

Therefore, it is extremely important for an organisation to find the right candidate at the right time. This is where talent sourcing comes into play.

Considering candidate sourcing is a difficult undertaking, knowing HR responsibilities before getting into how sourcing works is crucial.

Sourcing applicants has grown into an integral component of the personnel management system, assisting the organisation in creating a robust application database from which to select individuals based on job criteria.

As every sector has grown more customer-centric, doing the correct hiring at the right time will help you identify the prospects that come back to the company.

Here are some sourcing strategies to help you find extraordinary candidates:

1. Social media advertising

We are all aware of the power of social media, and it can also be used to find remarkable talent. One innovative technique to find applicants is to use social media targeted advertising. It functions similarly to traditional job postings; however, it is less expensive and more suited for targeting passive candidates.

2. Recruiting offline

There is no question that internet recruiting meets all the demands of sourcing recruiters. However, offline recruiting is still a major source for hiring. Meeting individuals in person is an excellent approach to finding new candidates. Hosting job fairs, industry-specific seminars, and events are excellent ways to find qualified people.

3. Conducting referral programmes

Conducting referral programmes or applicant sourcing sessions will be an excellent technique to find appropriate people from inside the employee networks. Employees may assist the organisation in reaching an untapped talent pool and improving applicant response rates for hiring by using candidate sourcing technologies, which automatically propose prospects to recruiters based on the employees' network.

4. Building a sourcing pipeline

After receiving resumes from the candidates, the recruiters create a pool of candidates with their details including their contact information. After vetting through the pool, a pipeline of candidates is to be created who are suitable for a specific job role.

You need to create an effective and efficient sourcing pipeline to recruit top personnel. You can utilise a variety of candidate sourcing approaches to do this.

5. Sourcing candidates from your existing database

The benefits of having a suitable candidate database are apparent. Candidates from an established database are the most dependable source of placements for a recruiter. In today's competitive employment market, recruiters must operate at maximum efficiency to produce job opportunities.

A well-maintained database enables them to communicate effectively, reduce the time spent on non-value-added chores, and invest extra time on building connections.

6. Developing non-traditional sourcing methods

Your existing client base might also be a non-traditional source of talent. People you work with, particularly those who enrich and sustain your organisation, may become excellent employees.

There are plenty of platforms that may also help you retain the exceptional talent you want and link you with many passive prospects. Running seminars or workshops can also aid in the identification of the next greatest talent pool.

7. Using AI to source passive candidates

Passive candidate sourcing refers to finding and recruiting applicants who are not actively searching for work. A strong sourcing strategy can help you navigate through a big skilled workforce and return qualified, interested, and available individuals.

Automation of your onboarding allows talent teams to create larger, more diverse fields in less time. They can simply locate people with proper talents and knowledge for each post thanks to AI-powered sourcing, leading to higher-value hiring.

The benefits of deploying an AI-powered back ground checking system include increased applicant matching accuracy and more time to focus on the human side of recruiting.

8. Acquiring global talent without worrying about borders

A diverse global workforce helps the employer. As the world becomes more global, candidates look for companies that allow them to work remotely.

Extending your talent horizon might help you identify the right individual and remain ahead of the competitors. However, finding overseas applicants presents several compliance issues.

Employers should be familiar with labour rules in different nations before setting up a new office or entering a new market. An excellent approach to do this is to collaborate with a professional Employment Screening agency like Complygate, to verify that all aspects of your recruiting process are compliant.

The purpose is to identify the best source or platforms for finding candidates to fill job vacancies in the workforce. Complygate HR software and Employment screening, for example, may assist you in locating prospective applicants. as well as outstanding personnel for your startup.


Identifying exceptional applicants is a challenging task. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new platforms, strategies, and tactics pays dividends. This newfound information allows you to cast a broader net and recruit the best talent to your company.

The exceptional talent sourcing can help the organisation build a strong talent pipeline. A transparent sourcing method, best practices, and a consistent focus on how to establish a successful recruitment strategy may improve the hiring process by scouting excellent individuals and creating a fantastic environment.

Complygate HR Software assist you to make your sourcing easier, faster, and more accurate.

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