Rescreening Employees – Why, When, and How?

Rescreening Employees – Why, When, and How?

Rescreening Employees – Why, When, and How?

When recruiting a new employee, the majority of organisations use a back ground check service. After all, pre employment screening protects your present workforce while also verifying your prospective employee's criminal background, employment history, and other information.

However, very few organisations rescreen their personnel once they've been employed. Rescreening may appear to be superfluous, yet it might help to secure your company. We explain why, when, and how this technique may be worth the extra work in the sections below.

What is meant by rescreening employees?

It is the process of doing back ground check on employees after a term of employment, whether it be five months or five years. Rescreening techniques are often less comprehensive than initial screening processes, with specific factors that can be excluded, such as education, past job experience, and personal identity.

Rescreening should alert organisations to potential threats based on changing situations and dynamic hazards that might lead to corruption, fraud, and theft, as well as violent behaviour. When we employ a competent screening for employment business like Complygate, we can easily undertake rescreening.

Why should you rescreen your employees?

You should rescreen your employees as it has got some significant benefits, some of which are listed below:

Helps maintaining an up-to-date record

  • Rescreening your personnel ensures that you get the most recent data. You will also be notified of any changes to your employees' records that might threaten the safety of clients or coworkers.
  • Without rescreening, you must rely on information obtained from pre-employment checks. This information might be many years outdated, depending on when you employed an employee.

Helps in staying compliant with screening requirements

  • Rescreening guarantees that you remain consistent with your policies and retain the same information for both new employees and established workers if you adjust your company's screening methods.
  • Since you previously conducted screenings for certain of your workers, screening criteria may have changed. Rescreening personnel keeps you in compliance with the most recent state and federal standards.

Helps in the verification of initial back ground check

  • Pre-employment background checks are not without flaws. An employee may have inadvertently skipped the process. Alternatively, their initial screening for employment may be inadequate or contain false information.
  • Rescreening guarantees that the information you acquired initially is correct and compliant. This is especially true if you have changed screening service providers.

When should you rescreen your employees?

You should rescreen your employees when there is any change in the organisation and its workforce. This helps you in getting an idea of potential issues that may prevail due to these changes. Some of these changes can be as under:

Changes in employee

  • Unusual or improper behaviours with coworkers or clients.
  • When an employee is engaged in an accident, whether at work or elsewhere.
  • When assessing personnel for advancement or other changes in position or responsibility.

Changes in organization

  • As part of organisational mergers, each organisation may have utilised a distinct initial screening method.
  • During the performance of more sensitive tasks.
  • When regulations or processes are significantly altered.

How can rescreening be done?

There are numerous areas of best practice to examine, as well as various methods for implementing rescreening:

  • Cyclical: Cyclic screening is one method that may be carried out in two ways. You may either re-vet your entire staff at once every few years, or you can screen each person three years after they are hired. Both of these methods have the advantage of being simple to track and guaranteeing that every employee is routinely tested.
  • During/after a change: Companies will sometimes only re-check their staff at times of transition, such as restructures, position changes, mergers, or any other event when there is more risk involved, owing to time or money constraints. This is an improvement over merely performing pre employment inspections, but we advocate performing regular checks on top of such additions.
  • Randomly: Annually screening employees through a random selection is a smart technique to re-screen a significant number of employees without having to re-screen your whole workforce. It can save time and is a low-cost screening tool. Along with other techniques of re-screening, these tests are an effective approach to re-screen extra staff.

A third-party source like Complygate provides fair, accurate, and dependable results is a straightforward and cost-effective approach of screening personnel.

Our screening services include the following:

Ongoing Monitoring and Screening for employment- sometimes known as annual back ground checks or employee "re-screening."

Retrospective Employment Screening entails matching current employees with the company's overall employment screening policy.

Maximize Quality Screening ensures ongoing compliance for internal mobile employees.

Complygate allows you to handle all of your HR needs and employment screening in one place, as well as do pre-employment screening for employment and rescreens without ever leaving the system.

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