Background Screening to build safer Workplaces

Background Screening to build safer Workplaces

Background Screening to build safer Workplaces

Irrespective of the type or size of the company, a start-up or a global leader, everyone needs right background screening for their employees. Every company needs employee screenings for a smooth compliance system. This is strongly recommended for companies working in sensitive sectors like legal, healthcare, childcare, finance etc.

There isn’t a company that can take the chance of bad hiring. This can have adverse effects on company’s brand value.

Why is employee Background Screening needed?

Organizations spend an enormous amount of time and money to train, coach and motivate new hires, thus hiring the right candidate becomes very crucial. It becomes extremely difficult for companies to train a bad choice and make them productive. A good potential candidate can be very productive; however, a bad choice can make company lose its integration.

Carrying out background checks on the prospective employee enables employers to minimize the risk and protect their business. Checking criminal records, credit history and other aspects helps companies makes informed choices before hiring.

Why choose Complygate for Background Screening?

Analysing the endless CVs for a particular job, scanning through all incomplete or insufficient information can itself be very overwhelming for the recruiter. Therefore, companies look for possible ways of employee screening and have a smooth and reliable recruitment process.

Complygate has been at the forefront of industry changes and regulations, constantly updating itself as per the needs of the hour and do employee screenings of the highest standards.

All companies must have a good hiring process in place to get the right employee. We work with companies of all sizes, speeding up the process and helping recruiters make evidence-based selection of the right candidate and help in providing professional employee screening services. We understand needs of the company, integrate it impeccably in our screening process and help find the right applicant.

Complygate can help companies get any number of employee screenings done, be it 1 or 100 or more. We have per candidate screening packages available, making it cost effective for companies or to try us out. We make the entire process even simpler, as all services can be paid for online to quickly start the screening journey for the prospective employee. This will majorly help to lessen risks and possible frauds.

To help reduce the admin burden of companies / employers, Complygate screening packages have a Human in the Loop approach. We take care of all factors in helping the company provide the employee with maximum potential.

Features of Complygate Background screening

Whatever sector the company works for, Complygate supplies a comprehensive range of checks, allowing employers to be confident of the hiring process. There are different packages available on our website to choose based on your requirement. If more details are needed in making the right choice, companies can just drop us a message and one of our friendly advisors will soon reach you.

At Complygate we cover the following background screening services:

  • ID verification
  • Right to work check
  • 5-year work history
  • Criminal record check
  • 5-year address history
  • Adverse credit check
  • AML check
  • PEPs check
  • Sanctions check
  • Adverse media check
  • Social media check
  • Directorship check
  • Qualifications check

Key points for benefits of Background Screening

Complygate’s background screening of potential employees makes use of advanced background checks to verify if the information provided by an applicant is legitimate and if the applicant can be a potential liability to the company.

  • Save paper. Everything is online
  • Well informed about candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Validation of all details provided, like education, employment history etc
  • Verification on Right to work
  • Reducing risks and fraud and increased productivity
  • Save in hiring expenses. Opt for smooth reliable process
  • Better compliance of rules and regulations
  • Have secured data, with hiring candidates post criminal checks
  • Wise informed decision of hiring right candidate will promote healthy work culture


Carrying out background screening checks on candidates will ensure smooth company compliance. With the right applicant for the job there is so much employers do not have to worry about. We at Complygate understand this. Just let us know your requirement and leave the rest to us.

Have a stress free and productive work environment. Book a Demo or drop us a message, and one of our learned advisors will be in touch with you in no time.

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1 platform - 20 checks

Innovative DIY Platform For Employment Vetting

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1 Platform 8 checks

Enterprise Screeneing

Human-In-The-Loop screening platform coupled with AI

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Skilled Worker Mock Audit

SMCR Screening

For job roles that fall under SMR and SMCR.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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