Quiet Quitting - Why Should This Social Media Phenomenon Be a Matter of Your Concern?

Quiet Quitting - Why Should This Social Media Phenomenon Be a Matter of Your Concern?

Quiet Quitting - Why Should This Social Media Phenomenon Be a Matter of Your Concern?

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting is a rising trend that has nothing to do with quitting a job. It is a strategy for some employees, not going over and beyond in their work to prevent burnout. Others view it as a useful way to set boundaries for their capacity to balance their personal and professional lives.

2021's Great Resignation is followed by Quiet Quitting. The Big Quit, also known as the Great Resignation, was a long-lasting economic trend that began in early 2021 and saw employees resigning their jobs voluntarily. Consistent work discontent, wage stagnation despite rising living costs, and safety concerns associated with the COVID-19 outbreak are also potential contributing factors.

The trend of quiet quitting seeks to alter the current workplace environment for the better. It basically entails employees performing the absolute minimum to maintain their employment and refraining from going above and above to impress managers or earn further benefits.

Due to the economic crisis, rising living costs, expensive bills, and other considerations like needing to take care of their family, the new generation of workers regularly question their employment and pay. Then there are the situations where someone is compelled to put in long hours at a job they loathe because of financial obligations. Due to these restrictions, quiet resignation has recently become a popular new trend on social media.

What are the Causes of Quiet Quitting?

Positively, more people are taking an active role in their health. Quiet quitting, however, also denotes a mismatch in the expectations between the employer and the employee. Here are a few typical causes for why employees nowadays don't trust their supervisors to look out for their wellbeing:

  • Increased workload
  • Inadequate salary
  • Absence of limits
  • Insufficient managerial backing
  • Unclear or not in line with expectations
  • Unsafe workplace conditions

If these problems persist, they may damage the rapport between employees and managers, heighten discontent, and interfere with work processes.

The Consequences of Quiet Quitting on Employers and Business

The world economy suffered from lost production due to disengaged employees who expressed their displeasure at work.

Productivity levels are a major issue for companies due to the looming threat of an economic recession.
Companies are indicating that layoffs are about to occur in reaction to decreased general output.
These layoffs are bad for both employees and companies since it costs 200 percent of an employee's income to fire one person.
This is also a concern since recruiting and training new personnel costs money and takes time.
To lower employee discontent and increase employee engagement, businesses must employ cutting-edge business tactics.

How to Prevent the Problem of Quiet Quitting in Your Company

Pay attention to your employees' needs

Listening to your employees is the first step towards preventing silent resignations. Giving your team regular opportunities to offer input on many aspects of their job and your business can help you achieve this. The information you gather will aid you in understanding ways to enhance the working environment for employees.

Implement feedbacks to enhance employee satisfaction

Employee experience should be actively improved using the insights you receive from obtaining feedback from staff members. There are countless options, but they may involve projects like enhancing the working atmosphere or providing additional opportunities for advancement. You may show that you value and are concerned about the needs of your employees by acting on their input.

Provide career development opportunities for your employees

No one really wishes to think that they are lagging or being ignored at work. Employees must feel as though they are growing professionally and tackling challenging jobs. When this is absent, indifference, resentment, and a lack of involvement may result. Once more, getting input from your employees may help you figure out exactly what they require in order to feel like they are making progress and achieving their objectives.

Promote the well-being of employees

There are certain lessons to be gained from the surge in quiet quitting, as we have indicated. The emotional and mental health of your employees must be given special consideration. This will entail looking at methods that you can make your employees feel more content, healthy, and respected at work.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance is one of the primary areas of concentration. This has taken on much more significance since the epidemic, as individuals have begun to take care of their personal life.

There are several methods in which you, as an employer, may encourage your team to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The first is to try to give employees flexibility over where and when they can work. Second, managers should set a good example by keeping clear boundaries between work and personal life.

Background Checks are Essential to Avoid Quiet Quitters

Employers should make sure the candidates they choose have the skills they require as well as the experience and credentials they claim to have. An organisation’s ability to retain employees can greatly benefit from thorough background checks procedure.

Why choose Complygate?

If you always go for the best when it comes to getting a product or service for your organisation,Complygate can be the best choice for you, as we are a leading background checks service provider and offers a variety of background checks and services globally. Some of the benefits of choosing Complygate are:

  • Improved hiring quality
  • Reduced risk of negligent hiring
  • Enhanced Compliance with Regulations
  • Helps in creating a productive and safe workplace

Complygate helps you in meeting all your screening needs and avoid this current trend of “quiet quitters” who can be a potential hazard for your organisation. Knowing your candidate better before hiring them is essential and Complygate makes the same easier for you.

During this trend of quiet quitting and great resignation. Complygate can be an employer’s true companion.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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