Free Checklist to UK Business Credit Reports

Free Checklist to UK Business Credit Reports

Free Checklist to UK Business Credit Reports

During such a time of crisis, a good business credit score provides the breath of sigh relief. Even though it is not compulsory to get credit score checks in the UK, it is always a good strategy to do so.

Conducting a business can be exhausting whether in form of emotions or finances. And in the case of low finances, you tend to look at funding options to help and support your growth chart.

A business credit score is affected by many factors, that also affect personal credit score. These scores usually range from 0 to 100 (100 being the best).

Making payments on time to creditors can impact your credit score. Public records and financial data are the major source of information for credit bureaus to keep a tab on the scores. Whenever u take a loan for business or trade credit, information is collated to check your performance.

Components to determine business credit scores:

  • How good a business in while making payments
  • How soon a payment is made
  • How optimally credit is being utilized
  • How big a company is (in terms of size)
  • Risks Involved in the industry

Better scoring and checking puts a business, ahead in the race from people who never put effort into this aspect.

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Free Checklist to UK business credit reports:

1. Start with opening a business bank account

Make sure to make all the payments via this business account excluding personal expenses and allow using a business address, telephone number, and tax/EIN for its opening.

2. Business should be established as one independent legal entity

While filing paperwork, the accountant must be stressed to use the business address and phone number. He can also be a great help while deciding the structure of the entity. After the formation of a legal entity, make an application for EIN (Employee ID Number). It is not mandatory to have employees for the generation of EIN.

3. Creating a business credit card or line of credit

A business account can be linked to the line of credit for payment of credit card bills. Be careful while using a credit card as it has got its risks and rewards. Take a call on releasing credit cards to hired hands as this can be a useful tool to show a bigger picture of expenses.

4. Initiate the process of credit score building

Take reporting from vendors on payments. Hire a certified professional. Make sure to keep a margin of safety as credit for a time of need.

5. Clear all your Bills

Making a habit of paying early can boost your score and help you with certain discounts. Maintain communication with suppliers in case of late payment to avoid any negative notes.

6. Quarterly report checking

Consider engaging an alarming system that will pre-inform you of any variations. Review reporting activities. This habit of reporting and checking can help you to prepare a positive credit report about the company.

7. Know your position

Get your reports reviewed by three major business credit bureaus. The process should be initiated to rectify the error in case of any discrepancies made by bureaus.

8. Keep away from closing accounts

Avoid closing accounts that have a good rating even if they have no balance, simultaneously also avoid opening unnecessary accounts. As an account with a good book updates your credit score to higher.

Conclusion: credit checks done periodically

As the company grows, growth depends on its credibility and this credibility increases the faith in the market, which can further ease the structuring of the financial structure. Time-to-time awareness and updating of data are required.

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