15 Benefits of Complygate’s HR Software

15 Benefits of Complygate’s HR Software

15 Benefits of Complygate’s HR Software

With technology developing since the 1990’s, this has allowed the workplace to develop along side it.

Human resources (HR) is a department that requires a lot of documentation for every employee within a company and this comes with a lot of paperwork as well. Storing all the paper can become more difficult as it starts to take up more and more space in the building, by having it on a cloud will help to reduce the space needed within the building for paper files.

Complygate allows you to do all this with the software because we do more than provide cloud storage for documents. In this article we will be looking at 15 benefits of using Complygate’s HR software.

1. Better recruitment procedures

A benefit for having a HR software is that it ensures a better recruitment procedure. The recruitment process can take a long time if it’s all done manually so using a software can speed up the process by having all the data and recruitment procedures in one place. Complygate allows employers to carryout any recruitment checks needed. A software also prevents data mishaps that can happen if it’s done manually such as losing paperwork and important documents.

2. Decreased workload

Another benefit is that it decreases the workload. With all the documents in one place, paperwork is significantly reduced within the office. This allows the documents to be organised in simple files that are easy to access from a secure database, whenever they need to be accessed.

3. Increased employee engagement

Another benefit is that it increases the engagement of employees. A HR app allows employees to feel like they’re involved resulting in their mood increasing and them wanting to learn more, which leads to an increase in employee retention.

4. 24/7 Access to portal

The software allows employees to access it 24/7. With this kind of access, they can see all their important documents when they want such as the benefits, tax forms and returns. This also allows them book time off if they need to without the need to wait for the office to open up.

5. Analysis

The software can conduct predictive analysis. Predictive analysis uses artificial intelligence to analyse employee’s performance to see if there’s improvement for potential promotions and retention. This can also see if the employees are dissatisfied with work by looking if there’s a decrease in performance.

6. All-in-one platform

Another benefit is that it centres the administration system. The software allows you to keep all document in one place no matter how large or small the company may be. With all the documents being in one place they can have access when they need to without the need to physically look for them.

7. Adaptability

The software allows adaptability. The software lets companies adjust it to their needs and it is able to respond the demands being made.

8. Cost efficiency

Another benefit is that it is cost efficient. By having one budget friendly software that provide all the necessary services, it cuts out having to use multiple expensive software systems. With Complygate, they allow you to select different cost options to fit your budget with the higher costing plans having more benefits.

9. Save time

A HR software can save valuable time. The software can automate a lot of tasks which allows employees to do other important duties. With all the files in one place it decreases the time needed for searching for the information that’s needed.

10. Enhanced functionality and usability

The benefit is that it enhances the functionality. With the improvements on the latest technology, this allows the company to advance along side it with the software’s guidance. Enhanced functionality also allows you to access the software from many devices such as laptops/desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

11. Safe and secure

Another benefit is it improves the security of documents. The company will have the ultimate control over the data and who has access to it. This also allows then to monitor what’s happening with the data and it stops any one without permission from intruding.

12. Data insights

The software is beneficial because it can provide data insights. This can be useful for conducting a deeper analysis of employees to see how they work individually.

13. Compliance management

Another benefit of the system is it provides satisfactory compliance management. The software can help keep companies updated on HR and labour rules and regulations. This gives them the access to update and adapt their procedures when they need to.

14. Scalable

Another benefit is there being smooth scalability. Having a software allows the company to adjust the size when they want to, so that they are able to fit the demands. They can choose to either increase or decrease the size.

15. Prepared for the future

The software is beneficial because it futureproofs the company. The software can be updated to adapt to new features that comes along with technological development. With the updates it ensures the company doesn’t fall too far behind in development.

Making an appropriate use of technology to support our day-to-day work activities can have a highly positive impact on a company.

Learn more about our HR Software and Compliance services by visiting the previous links, or by booking a free 1-2-1 demo with us.

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