Enhanced DBS Checks: What You Need to Know

Enhanced DBS Checks: What You Need to Know

Enhanced DBS Checks: What You Need to Know

What are Enhanced DBS Checks?

An Enhanced DBS check is the highest level of criminal record checks, administered by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This level of DBS Check is only available to organisations who have an urgent need to make essential "recruitment or suitability decisions." Enhanced DBS check online is distinguished by the most stringent qualifying requirements and is specifically suited for individuals engaged in the most sensitive forms of regulated activity. The data furnished through these comprehensive screenings serves as an invaluable tool for organisations, facilitating the making of sound and responsible employment choices.

What does an Enhanced DBS Check shows?

An Enhanced DBS Check Online is a detailed background check that covers every aspect of an individual's criminal record. It carefully examines different databases, including the Police National Computer (PNC) and barring lists, for any evidence of:

  • Cautions
  • Convictions
  • Reprimands and warnings
  • Previous cautions or convictions that may have been reduced
  • Police intelligence reports (local police can add pertinent information)
  • Inclusion on the Children's and/or Barring Lists, if requested on the application.
What do Enhanced DBS Checks show

The report gives full facts for each documented criminal offence, including the conviction or caution date, the name of the court, the nature of the offence, the date of the offence, and the specifics of the sentence imposed. This careful assessment ensures that individuals in positions of trust and responsibility are scrutinised to the greatest extent possible, providing a safer environment for all.

Who needs Enhanced DBS Check Online?

An online Enhanced DBS check is typically required for positions that require regular care, training, supervision, or exclusive responsibility for children. As a result, employers in sectors such as healthcare, education, or other roles that include interaction with vulnerable individuals should place a strong focus on this screening level. Employers may guarantee a safer and more secure workplace for employees and those they serve by prioritising the Enhanced DBS check.

What Jobs Require Enhanced DBS Check?

The positions that require an Enhanced DBS Check are:

  • Positions involving Work with Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants
  • Trainers, Tutors, and Examiners
  • NHS Medical Professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Carers
  • Licenced Taxi Drivers, and School Bus Drivers
  • Sports Officials, Referees, and Umpires
  • School administrators
  • Probation officers, and youth workers

What is the process of Enhanced DBS Check?

There are various processes involved in obtaining an Enhanced DBS check:

Step 1: Application Initiation

The employer creates an application to ensure that the candidate meets the necessary prerequisites. The candidate receives an email invitation to complete the application form when the application is generated.

Step 2: Application Completion

The applicant fills out the DBS check application form, including all of the necessary information and proof to authenticate his identification. This is a vital step since the accuracy of the information is critical for a complete and effective verification.

Step 3: Submission to the Employer

After completing the application form and gathering the required documents, the applicant returns the entire package to the employer. They then file the application with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on the candidate's behalf, directly or through an umbrella body like Complygate.

Step 4: DBS Check

The DBS initiates the check by evaluating the candidate's application. This involves looking for relevant criminal records on the Police National Computer (PNC).

Step 5: Enhanced DBS Check

The DBS takes a step further for Enhanced DBS checks, which are often necessary when the employment entails caring for, supervising, or having exclusive charge of children or vulnerable persons. In addition to the PNC, they scan local police records. Furthermore, the DBS may examine the banned lists for children and adults, which include the names of those who are not permitted to deal with these vulnerable groups.

Step 6: Receipt of DBS Certificate

Once the DBS completes the check, it issues a DBS certificate outlining the results. Importantly, the certificate is mailed to the candidate rather than the employer. The candidate is notified if the check has been successful or if it contains any information about his criminal history.

This streamlined process ensures that individuals undergo thorough scrutiny while maintaining the privacy and security of their personal information.

How long does an Enhanced DBS Check take?

The processing period for an Enhanced DBS check is usually around 2 weeks. However, there are other elements that may affect the processing time, such as:

  • Accuracy of Details: If the information provided for the check is missing or incorrect, processing may be delayed while attempts are made to address the discrepancies.
  • Involvement Multiple Police Forces: If the applicant has resided in or dealt with numerous places, involving multiple police forces in the background check may lengthen the processing time.
  • Volume of Applications: High demand for DBS checks during particular seasons of the year might result in lengthier processing timeframes.

It's important to note that while you can't expedite the processing by paying more for a faster check, using online platforms for DBS applications, such as Complygate, may significantly speed up the procedure when compared to traditional paper forms. Complygate simplifies the application process and may shorten processing times, making it a more cost-effective alternative for many candidates and employers.


As Enhanced DBS checks remain a cornerstone in maintaining secure and trustworthy workplaces and communities, accessing a reliable and efficient screening solution is paramount. Complygate provides a comprehensive DBS Check solution that guarantees thorough assessments, quick processing, and safe management of sensitive information. Whether you're an employer looking to establish a thorough screening procedure or an applicant looking to demonstrate your qualification for a position, Complygate's simplified online platform offers a trustworthy and effective solution. Click here to promote a workplace culture that values safety, trust, and responsible decision-making.


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