Background Checks for Working with Minors

Background Checks for Working with Minors

Background Checks for Working with Minors

The word 'Minor' itself describes its vulnerability. So, their safety becomes prime when you are directly dealing with them. Organisations hiring candidates who are going to work with these minors (under the age of 18) should prioritise safety by conducting a Background Check comprehensively on each candidate before hiring them.

When a company hires somebody to deal with minors, they should be aware of the requirements governing a Background check.

Employers in a number of nations are mandated by law to perform a Background check on individuals who directly or indirectly work with children, senior citizens, or other particularly vulnerable citizens. This includes churches and other religious groups. In fact, if they are dealing with children, everybody involved with your organisation, whether a volunteer or a staff employee, must have a thorough (and passed) background check on record.

A background check, also known as a background screening or background investigation, is the act of researching a person's or organization's public records. As a result, a background check is more than just a criminal history check.

A Background Check performed on Candidates working with minors:

  • Enhanced DBS Checks
  • Social Media Check

1. Enhanced DBS Checks-

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service Check) is a criminal background check on an individual that is normally undertaken before they embark on a new position. They are used to ensure that the individual is of good character, has no prior convictions that would make them untrustworthy, and does not endanger the safety of others.

The final reason for performing enhanced DBS checks is to ensure the safety of others. The enhanced DBS checks is the highest-level check provided, disclosing more about a person's criminal history than the basic and standard checks.

The enhanced DBS checks are the most thorough criminal background check available. A DBS check will investigate a person's criminal history and uncover the following:

Convictions, both spent and unspent cautionary remarks, cautions, and reprimands other important police notes and information

Please keep in mind that the law governing a DBS check changed in 2013, and a DBS check and police are now required to filter lower-level criminal charges, such as cautions if they are judged irrelevant to the post being applied for.

The police normally disclose any further relevant information that may indicate that the person is a possible risk to minors or vulnerable persons.

Some professions which require candidates to go through a DBS check according to UK Government Regulation are:

  • childminder
  • childminding assistant
  • nanny
  • playgroup owner
  • children’s home director

2. Social Media Check-

A professional social media check reduces risks and looks for behaviour such as bullying, racism, nudity, and excessive harsh language in a candidate's internet presence.

Social media check is a crucial change in the revised recommendations for keeping minors (under the age of 18) safe in education 2022.

The Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022, takes effect on September 1, 2022.

Schools and colleges in England must consider it while carrying out their responsibilities to protect and promote the welfare of children.

In summary, all potential applicants should be subjected to a Social Media Check prior to the interview stage. So that any red flags or concerns may be raised with the job candidate.

Benefits of a Background check

When interacting with children, companies might benefit from a background check in a variety of ways.

Workplace Security

When it comes to dealing with children, one of the most critical considerations is their safety. Employers may improve workplace safety by avoiding hiring someone with a criminal record or a history of violence.

Compliance with laws

Employers are required by law to recruit personnel who have no relevant convictions for specific positions, notably those involving minors and vulnerable individuals. Employers who recruit ineligible workers may risk legal action and penalties. If this occurs, businesses may incur extra losses as a result of higher insurance prices.

Employer security

A Background check provides companies with peace of mind that the people they're recruiting have no relevant criminal convictions. Employers are likewise shielded from liability if clients or other organisations submit accusations against an employee.


A Background Check should be required when working with vulnerable groups such as kids and fragile individuals since they may save companies of a lot of issues and provide customers with peace of mind.

For more information on a Background Check, visit us Compliance Centre

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