Work Leadership The 4 Points of Positive Leadership

Work Leadership The 4 Points of Positive Leadership

Work Leadership The 4 Points of Positive Leadership

Senior executives and CEOs "lead" because they're recognized as such. And if companies want to be successful, they need to learn from the past and plan for the future by following the patterns that these experienced leaders follow.

Being a leader is about making wise decisions based on both knowledge and intuition - even in the midst of adversity! They face challenges every day and must adapt and adjust their leadership style accordingly.

The most successful leaders are always spontaneous decision makers. Successful leaders have learned skill of foreseeing business patterns, finding opportunities in crucial situation, satisfying the team and overcoming hardship.

But in today’s circumstance the role and responsibilities of leaders have drastically changed. Before covid-19 senior executives and leaders were focusing on encouraging restructuring, driving profits and growth of the company.

Now leaders are facing problem of supply chain, shortage in team and operational challenges. For the solution leader need to alter their role and responsibilities as per the demand of the current scenario.

Leadership and its role are not only for the company and its growth but also for the employee and team. They need to navigate the safety measures for the remotely working employee and their family members in this pandemic.

The transformation is going to be challenging for these leaders. They need the learning to set a benchmark for their team. Positive leadership is an area of study with positive mindset concerning leadership styles, behaviours and techniques which results in positive innovation.

Here are four points which we can implement for the positive leadership:

1.Fast Processing of Ideas

As we are all aware of the fact that world is changing every fraction of second so, to move with this pace we need to match the speed by changing our way of processing information. Determination and conviction are two important aspects for fast decision. It very important to define priorities.

Listing the issues discovered, and make sure that leadership is coordinated with them and take measure steps for its corrections. Quick and wise decision at the time of cries is needed by these leaders of today.

2. Being Open And Bold

Being ready for all the circumstances and accepting the change open handedly are the traits of strong leaders. They gather information's from various sources and are bold enough to admit what they don’t know and perform their best when its needed.

It's important to decide as a team, like what to be done and what not. At the same time, it is also essential to implement new plan rather than traditional plans.

The best leaders adjust easily and innovate new plan of action. Leaders should assign local leaders to keep them updated about the customers, suppliers, employees, and other shareholders.

3. Ownership Quality

Leaders with the positive mindset always act with their ownership quality even though many challenges and problems which lies outside their control. They need to create the culture of individual responsibility towards work.

Reviewing performance frequently will help them to monitor the performance of employee. Keeping team fit mentally as well as physically to fight any battle of growth. Leadership always works with balance and calm mind even if co-workers are not in good mental shape.

4. Involvement of Team

Taking care of the team is one of the prime duties of positive leader irrespective of situation. They should be positive in understanding the circumstances of their team and involve and motivate them to perform for the new goals of development.

In today's situation of COVID-19, not only health crisis but financial crisis too is impacting every individual, therefore the duty of these leader becomes prime to engage them productively especially the remote working employees.

Leaders and teams should work in sync for better outcome. Need to have focus on both customers and employees. Updated with information to take wise and correct actions against that.


Always leaders need to be positive in their approach. Build confidence and trust every day within the team and deal with all the negatives which come across their way of positive leadership.

Great leaders can make a significant impact on their team and on the company as a whole. A positive, supportive leader can build a strong and cohesive team, while a negative leader can cause a variety of problems and weaken the team. And we want to lead our team in a positive way, don't we? So let's try to follow the 4 Points of Positive Leadership.

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