Why do you need to stop using spreadsheets and invest in HR Software?

Why do you need to stop using spreadsheets and invest in HR Software?

Why do you need to stop using spreadsheets and invest in HR Software?

Human Resource Management System and HR Software have the same meaning, so it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is the way HR Software has become a great part of business and there is no slowing down for them any time soon. The following discussion is about the benefits that HR Software brings to an organisation, and if your business is yet to stop using spreadsheets and invest in HR Software, why have you not done so? To be inspired by this change and some further details of the benefits of HR Software within your organisation be sure to carry on reading.

Streamline procedure HR tasks

  • Storage of important documents containing sensitive information is one of the key duties in HR industries.
  • Examples of the type of documents that HR employees may be requested to operate are records of workers/staff, contracts and contractor agreements.
  • With HR software all documents and data are easily accessible and navigable central hub. At Complygate we offer many services to store your documents and data and many other services. The following is our website if you would like to read further information about the services that Complygate provides https://www.complygate.co.uk/.
  • Having HR Software can reduce the time spent on gaining access to different documents.
  • HR Software can also decrease the amount of time spent on paperwork, this can help to achieve a more efficient and positive experience for candidates as you will gain more face time during the interview process.


  • Without having HR Software your company will need a whole department just dedicated to human resources this can be time and material consuming.
  • Whereas with HR Software it will not just save you money, you will be able to successfully complete all your human resource tasks all at the same time.
  • As humans, we are more likely to make mistakes than software therefore, using HR Software can also save time as they do as they are told to at any time. Avoiding mistakes.

Employee management simplified

  • Achieving help to improve and develop employees skills, in order to advance towards employees career development to support the organisation. This can be done through HR management software.
  • The HR management software can do this by building a profile for each employee and allow tracking and adding noting of future goals.
  • Training courses, seminars that are relevant to the industry and many other educational resources that benefit the company can be done via HR software.

Tracking & meeting organisation goals

  • Any metric that an organisation may have highlighted or pointed out can be known as a Key Performance Indicator. This can help with notifying to develop future goals.
  • If workers/ staff have any issues or problems using HR Software can give data on their particular areas that it is causing them.
  • HR Software can also track employee payroll. There will be a benefit to workers retention rates where payroll is completed right and on time every week/ month.

Leave and Sickness

  • Leave and sickness can be tracked using HR Software in order for you to focus on the amount of sick leave taken by employees.
  • By tracking sickness leaves it can allow you to track any recurring pattern, and see if employees are taking too much time off.


  • Software is error-free whereas, a human is not. As human’s, we are more likely to make errors than software.
  • With using software it will do as it is told when needed, there isn’t any agenda that it may need to follow as we humans do.
  • Having security is a major factor for success within an organisation in all sectors. Regardless of the fact that the data or information is not important.
  • If your company handles data and personal information poorly is will bring a bad name to your business and it will fail. As sensitive information should not be leaked and there may be a chance of it leaking with poorly handling data.
  • Using HR Software can remove any chances of poorly handling data and it coming into non- permission hands of humans.


Spreadsheet vs HR Software.

With HR Software it can be cost-effective the reasons being the information and data are stored in a central hub supporting in helping tasks be completed faster and allow a high level of security for all data. HR Software also ensures that an organisation complies with all the GDPR laws and gives guidance for any help that may be needed.

As discussed in further detail above it HR Software gives employers an opportunity to track their employees/workers performance, see the goals that are being achieved, and where they can improve to achieve the goals. Therefore, replacing spreadsheets with HR Software will become beneficial to your organisation.

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