What Information Will Show Up On A DBS Check?

What Information Will Show Up On A DBS Check?

What Information Will Show Up On A DBS Check?

A DBS check is a government-issued document that lists a person's criminal record. They assist companies in making the best judgments possible during the hiring process. DBS checks are extremely crucial when hiring someone who will work with vulnerable members of society, such as children and old-aged people. The sort of crime that emerges will be determined by the type of check requested. The DBS certificate will demonstrate that there is no record of unlawful behavior.

For DBS checks, various filters are used to determine which types of offenses or criminal records are considered or relevant. Here is a list of crimes that are considered for this check and those that are not.

Offenses considered for this check

  • Offense related to drug supply
  • Offenses against children's safety
  • Offenses involving violence
  • Offense related to sex, etc.
Offenses which are filtered
  • Consuming of drug
  • Assault which is common
  • Normal robbery or theft
  • Any offense related to traffic, etc.

These checks are conducted in three different levels depending upon the profile of the job.


This is a simple criminal background check which an employee and employer can apply. This being the most basic check which is available for all the people and companies of the United Kingdom. This basic check is done through Police National Computer (PNC) to the criminal record or any kind of conviction.

Companies in various industries, such as architecture and tourism, can request a basic DBS to verify a candidate's criminal past in order to determine whether or not they are suited for the job role. Certain positions, however, may need a higher degree of DBS check. For a specific job profile, you may need a higher degree of DBS check.


A typical DBS check is a detailed criminal record check conducted on account of candidates by companies to ensure that they are qualified for the position. To this degree, it displays all of a people's cautions, warnings, and punishments. It will also reveal any unexpended offenses in England and Wales, as well as crimes in Scotland and Northern Ireland, on a person's police history.

For judges, accountants, and other high-level occupations, the Standard DBS check is necessary. This check will guarantee that no past offenses, such as forgery or monetary misbehavior, have been committed by workers or candidates.


This Enhanced DBS check, like the standard DBS check, is only accessible to employers who request it on behalf of their candidates. An Enhanced DBS check includes all of the information found in a Standard DBS check.

An employer can, therefore, request an enhanced check to discover if the present employee is on the Children's Barred List or the Adult First List. This guarantees that a candidate is not prohibited from working with vulnerable groups, but it may only be sought if the applicant or employee will be participating in a regulated environment. The Enhanced DBS Check will be required for most positions in education and welfare.

The above DBS check is categorized as per the nature of the job or profile. The criminal background check done by DBS is very important for the safety and security of the community. If there is dissatisfaction related to the report of DBS employees or employers both can appeal against the report, but this appeal be can within the three months of receiving the report. This check is performed online to make it easy.

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