The 3 main benefits of Digital Onboarding in HR

The 3 main benefits of Digital Onboarding in HR

The 3 main benefits of Digital Onboarding in HR

It decreases time-consuming and paperwork manual processes.

It decreases the amount of time spent on the onboarding program of companies that focus more on paperwork and manual processes. Manual processes and paperwork result in hours of administrative work for HR professionals. This means that new candidates will experience a poor onboarding process, which will have a negative impact on your company and onboarding process.

With digital a robust onboarding software, the appropriate resources and tools, you will be able to automate repetitive tasks that are needed for the onboarding process. It will allow HR professionals to decrease their workload, allowing them to develop and concentrate on the overall experience of new employees throughout their onboarding journey. Modern digital onboarding software resources and tools are helping UK companies by taking away the focus of paperwork and manual procedures.

Digital onboarding software can let the HR teams and departments construct a customised documentation course for employees to ensure that all contracts that must be signed are done so. The software will allow you to do this in the right order ensuring all documents are signed once again. The fact that digital onboarding software allows employees to use a digital signing feature, has a positive impact on the employee’s journey as it assists in speeding up the process. Preventing the hassle of delivering and packaging the documents to make sure that they give them in at a certain time. Whereas the digital software itself has an automatic feature that will set reminders to ensure that the employee does all the contracts that are needed.

Ensuring GDPR compliance to protect personal data of employees.

Personal data of employees and candidates is something that is processed and collected by the HR departments. Because of this, they must ensure that they are complying with GDPR by taking their time and using the resources needed.

There have been many occasions where companies collect personal and sensitive data of candidates and employees through communication platforms like email. The personal information of these candidates and employees can cause a serious security risk as it can easily fall into the wrong hands.

What do digital onboarding tools provide?

  • They can provide end-to-end encrypted online forms to collect personal and sensitive information/data from candidates. In a secure method and complying with GDPR.
  • Cloud storage – the documents and data are securely stored in cloud storage so that they can be accessed and retrieved easily.
  • To ensure only authorised people can access the data/ information, further security can be put into place. A role-based access control can be set up.
  • To make sure that no sensitive data/ information of employees are kept longer than necessary, an automatic data deletion.

With digital onboarding, it assists HR departments to secure GDPR compliance.

It meets rising candidate expectations.

In today’s world of a highly competitive marketplace, retaining and attracting the top talented candidates is a big challenge for employers.

There has been an increase over the past years on candidate expectations. An expectation for talented candidates is in place for convenience and informativeness during the process of onboarding. Inefficient processes, delays, and a decrease in regular updates can negatively impact the company. A newly hired employee may reconsider and leave the company.

A seamless onboarding strategy routine and supplying a high-level experience to newly hired employees can be done via digital onboarding resources and tools to assist the HR department to do this.

What can candidates do easily and how does it benefit HR managers?

  • Candidates can read onboarding material easily.
  • Candidates can easily fill in new hire forms.
  • They can also sign in employment contracts at any time, with any digital devices.
  • This can benefit HR managers as they can achieve an overview of the status of every candidate individually. Also, so that they can take further action as needed.
  • It can allow HR managers to extend out to candidates who have failed to sign the employment contract any questions they may have or concerns they wanted to raise.

Overall, digital onboarding allows an efficient and manageable implementation of procedures, giving a competitive advantage to the company. Also, helping the HR department.

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