Coronavirus: Staying Positive While Working From Home

Coronavirus: Staying Positive While Working From Home

Coronavirus: Staying Positive While Working From Home

By Tanu Prabhakar

It has been about two months since the entire world has been swept up by the deadly Coronavirus. Governments worldwide are putting in their best to contain the infection, supported by thousands of support officials and emergency personnel putting their lives at risk daily to save humanity. However, there has been considerable bad news lately over the social media regarding the spread of the infection. And even as we all hope for a mighty relief soon enough, reality may differ according to the pattern studies.

Worldwide factory closures and discontinued air travel have only accentuated the already high economic fallout. Nobody knows when and if we’ll go back to work, or whether the economy will return to normal.

This anxiety is real and has taken over the public – panic-stricken folks are mass-buying in supermarkets and hoarding essential stuff. And this can get only worse if continued.

What comes next is a sudden feeling of panic, exacerbated by regular updates on daily count of infected people and the deceased ones. These anxious and traumatic times bring unforeseen challenges. However, at the core of the human nature lies the inherent tenacity and will to rise to the challenges.

We list below some of the prominent ways through which we all can imbibe positivity, practical advice, social bonding, and faith in the general goodness of people to lead us through these stressful times.

1. Stop worrying

Studies have shown that constant worry causes anxiety, which in turn affects the immune system. It is important to remember that we’re all in this together; as a community, a country and world. One should be willingly strong, both inwardly and outwardly focused stay positive for family and loved ones. There were outbreaks like SARS and swine flu in the past, and they were overcome. So, certainly there is light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Maintain a normal daily routine

Carry on about your life as you normally would. Wake up in the morning at your usual time, grab some breakfast and start your daily routine. Get some work done during the day as you normally would, then take a break and get some fresh air, or go out into your garden if you have one. In short, take control of your life as you would normally.

3. Take control of the Internet

Recent research in contemporary social science shows that prolonged exposure to social media news and imagery has a long-term impact on the subconscious mind. As a result, the more detached a person is from the social media, the less likely he/she would be impacted, in this case, by negative news. Unfortunately, negative news travels faster and farther, guided along through social media platforms. Therefore, in general, negative perceptions of news are more likely to impact us.

This, thanks to the never-ending public tirade on social media platforms, becomes a “snowball effect”. Frankly speaking, there should be only certain times of the day for checking your social media accounts, or even watching the news for that matter. Make this a point.

4. Enhance positivity

Savour the smallest moments of your day: your morning coffee, the smell of breeze coming in through your window, the bright sunny day, the smell of rain etc. Let your brain process the pleasure derived from these things. This boosts your serotonin – the feel-good neurotransmitter that makes your enhances your mood.

5. Spend time with family

Spend some quality time with your loved ones. Converse with your family members and give hugs to all of them. These gestures boost your oxytocin, a hormone that calms your body and promotes closeness between loved ones.
Boost your social interactions through the Internet. Have Zoom or Skype video calls with your friends and loved ones. As humans are social animals and human contact warrants it, during these times of countrywide lockdowns we can still communicate and interact using the Internet. 

6. Educate yourself

  Learning never gets old. Besides, the internet is a limitless resource and repository of knowledge and information. You can access millions of free online learning courses on online platforms like Coursera or Udemy. This way, you can build up additional skills while staying at home.

7. Take a break

Make sure you take a break every few hours. Play some indoor games that can take your mind off the Covid-19 stress. Also, get some air. If you have a garden, do some time outdoors, and indulge in some gardening practices. This shall take your mind off the now and help you relax. If you cannot access the outdoors, please open your window curtains daily and let some air in. Make sure you do this atleast once a day. Also, take in the view outside, one object at a time.

8. Strengthen your immunity

Take charge of your physical and mental health. Ensure strictly that you get your daily dose of nutrition. Exercise and stretch those muscles to keep your body fit, relaxed and in shape. Have a positive state of mind and an exuberant disposition. This will improve your resilience towards negative events and strengthen your immune system, according to studies.

9. Have faith in the general goodness of people

 The best of humanity is rising to the Coronavirus challenge. Doctors, medical support staff, law enforcement officials etc. are working round the clock to cure the sick and protect the rest of the population. Philanthropists and charitable organizations are donating money to the Government. Scientists are trying their level best to discover a cure for this infection. Neighbourhoods are contributing care packages for the destitute and the homeless. Social media platforms are splattered by positive messages.

10. Be in the “Now”

Live here, in the present, in the now. Stop being anxious and worried. At present most of us are fine and healthy. Our loved ones are well. Life is fine. So, be thankful for today and focus on the present.

Tuning into the above pointers shall make you think and feel better. Our feelings influence our thoughts and judgement. Positive emotions enhance our problem-solving capabilities, decision-making, cognitive flexibility and creativity.

Talk about being positive with your family, loved ones and friends. That is how we successfully deal when we are in a crisis. Create those small moments of happiness, spread joy and optimism and let your enhanced psychological disposition do the rest.

Therefore, stay positive and you will cope with this crisis and come out stronger.

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