Speed or Safety? You Can Have Both of These Screening Trends

Speed or Safety? You Can Have Both of These Screening Trends

Speed or Safety? You Can Have Both of These Screening Trends

Conducting background checks is a fantastic technique for confirming the authenticity of your new hires. As is fitting in today's environment, it has become mandatory for businesses, large and small, to run background checks in the UK, on personnel before employment.

This is done to eliminate job fraud, mitigate the risks that come with a new hire, and improve the quality of your hire, but mostly to guarantee a safe and secure workplace.

Over the last couple of years, there seem to have been several new screening trends and advancements in the market. Our goal is to acknowledge those and help you make an informed decision in choosing the right screening providers.

What to look for in a screening service provider:

While you might do an independent search yourself, it is always recommended to choose a professional service such as Complygate that offers you relevant data and information, minimises legal risk, and saves you time.

The appropriate pre employment checks solution ensures that your team is getting the right talent and that the best and most suitable candidate is getting the role they deserve, preventing job fraud.

The success of background checks depend on a variety of factors:

Legal Compliance

The most important thing to look out for when selecting background checks service is to check if they are legally compliant. One wrong step could cost you not only the wrong hire but could land you in a lawsuit. It is crucial that the vendor that you choose to do business with is accredited with the right certifications and verifications required to proceed with their background checks lawfully.

Fast Turnaround Time

Pre employment checks in the UK do not have to be a hassle. Depending on the kind of screening offered and its severity, these checks can take anywhere from around a week to a month. This varies from company to company. Complygate carries out background checks with extensive research and produces results within a matter of two weeks only.

Accuracy of Data

Opting for full-service companies such as Complygate over independent research is beneficial not only in terms of legal compliance but also in the accuracy of the data presented, through access to local, national, and international databases for up-to-date information about the candidate.

Types of Background Checks offered

The background checks in the uk offered vary from company to company. It is vital to conduct preliminary research on the screening verifier to confirm that the kind of background checks that you want are available. Complygate offers a total of 12 background checks including DBS Checks, Identity Checks, Company Credit Checks, Right to Work Checks, and many more mentioned below.

Background Checks Offered by Complygate

DBS Check

There are 3 types of DBS Checks: Basic DBS, Standard DBS, and Enhanced DBS Checks. These are Criminal Record Checks ranging from basic to more in-depth searches depending on the level of assurance needed. The results can often be produced in less than 24 hours.

Right to Work Check

Right to Work Checks must be carried out to confirm if an applicant has the right to work in the UK before hiring as not doing so could lead to serious consequences such as jailtime or penalty. Complygate Right to Work App makes it fast and simple enough to perform this check within minutes.

DVLA Check

DVLA license check is a driver check provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) via ADD to ensure that your employees have not picked up any convictions, disqualifications or penalties

Adverse Credit

Adverse Credit Check or financial background check is a background check that employers can carry out on employees for sensitive positions and particularly those handling money, client money and funds. It shows you the applicant’s credit report and scans it for red flags.

Identity Check

An identity check is the first check that HR should perform. Employers should not continue with further checks of pre employment checks until they are 100% satisfied with the applicant’s identity.

AML PEPs & Sanction

This includes AML check, politically exposed person check, Global sanctions check and Adverse media check. It is performed to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime.

Company Credit Check

A company credit check is carried out by tracking your credit report to stay in control of your business. It helps your future-proof your business.

Director Search

A Director Check shows valuable information about the director of a company, and their past and current directorships.

Still don’t know what you or your company needs?

Get in touch! Let us help you in selecting the right pre employment checks in the UK so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Click here to get started to ensure a safe and secure working environment for you and your employees.

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