Right to Work in the UK — Understanding Share Code Requirements

Right to Work in the UK — Understanding Share Code Requirements

Right to Work in the UK — Understanding Share Code Requirements

In the UK’s vibrant and diverse landscape, immigrants play a vital role in key sectors such as healthcare, nursing, and construction. Remarkably, around 18% of the country's employed workforce comprises individuals born abroad.

Ensuring that these valuable workers are eligible for employment, the Home Office requires employers to conduct immigration status checks for non-UK nationals before they start their jobs. In July 2021, a significant development was introduced to streamline this process—the introduction of share codes.

With the aim of simplifying procedures for employers and employees alike, share codes have become an essential part of the UK's immigration system. In this article, we will explore the fundamental aspects of Share Code Right to Work, how applicants can generate them, and the necessary steps to verify an applicant's Right to Work in the UK.

What is Right to Work in the UK?

The concept of "Right to Work in the UK" forms the cornerstone of ensuring lawful employment for non-UK nationals. It involves thorough Right to Work in the UK Checks conducted by employers to confirm that employees possess the legal authorisation to work within the country. This process not only upholds regulatory compliance but also contributes to maintaining a diverse yet legally compliant workforce.

With the recent introduction of Share Codes as part of Right to Work in the UK Checks, the procedure has evolved, offering a more streamlined and accessible approach for employers and applicants alike.

 Right to Work in the UK Checks

Verifying the Right to Work in the UK


When it comes to right to work and immigration status, a set of guidelines ensure the integrity of the process for both premises and personal licence applications. These guidelines apply to individual applicants as well as partnerships that aren't limited liability partnerships. A crucial point to note is that any granted premises or personal licence hinges on the holder's ongoing Right to Work in the UK. The key elements that applicants must demonstrate are twofold:


  • Right to Work: Applicants need to showcase their eligibility to work within the UK.
  • Non-Conditionality: Applicants should not be subject to any conditions restricting them from undertaking work related to licensable activities.

These requirements can be met through two methods:

  • Document Submission: Applicants can furnish copies or scanned copies of the necessary documents listed below as part of their application. It's important to note that these documents do not require certification.

  • - Passport or national identity card
    - Biometric residence permit
    - Immigration status document or certificate of registration
    - Certificate of application or residence card
    - Permanent residence card or indefinite leave to remain
    - Home Office letter or certificate of application issued by the Home Office

  • Share Code Submission: Alternatively, applicants can provide their 'share code right to work,' allowing us to perform a check via the Home Office's online right to work checking service.

This stringent yet necessary process ensures that the Right to Work in the UK is properly verified, maintaining the legality and authenticity of the licensable activities.

Right to Work Details with the 'Share Code'

If your employer has requested a 'Share Code' as part of your application, there are essential details you need to share to ensure they access the necessary information accurately.

Step-by-Step Guide on Obtaining a Share Code:

Generating a share code for right to work is a straightforward process that empowers applicants to seamlessly verify their Right to Work in the UK. Follow these simple steps to obtain your unique share code:

  1. Visit the Official Government Website:
    Access the official government website dedicated to right to work checks. This ensures that you are using a secure and authorised platform.
  2. Navigate to the Share Code Section:
    Look for the specific section related to share codes within the website. This section will guide you through the process of generating your code.
  3. Provide Personal Details:
    Begin by entering your essential personal details, such as your full name, date of birth, and nationality. Accuracy is key to ensuring a successful verification.
  4. Authentication Process:
    The system will prompt you to verify your identity through a secure authentication process. This step may involve answering security questions or providing additional information.
  5. Generate and Note Your Share Code:
    Once your identity is confirmed, the system will generate your unique 9-character alpha-numeric share code. Make sure to note down this code as you will need it for future reference.

Of paramount importance is the 'share code' itself, a unique 9-character alpha-numeric code linked solely to you. Note that these codes usually remain valid for 30 days. Should you or your employer require this information beyond the 30-day threshold, applying for a new share code becomes necessary.

Remember, the share code is a secure and convenient way to grant access to your right to work details without divulging sensitive information. By following these steps, you contribute to a streamlined and efficient verification process.

Insight Gained via the Share Code

When furnished with a Share Code Right to Work, employers gain valuable insight into your work eligibility and personal rights. The following aspects are accessible for employers through this code:

  1. Permissible Roles: Employers can verify the specific jobs you are authorized to undertake.
  2. Duration of Legitimate Employment: The code reveals the legal timeframe for your work in the UK.
  3. Access to Public Services: It clarifies whether you can avail public services like the National Health Service (NHS).
  4. Rights and Benefits: The code outlines your rights as a resident and worker in the UK, encompassing potential benefits.
  5. Financial Transactions: It indicates your eligibility for opening a bank account or applying for credit during your UK stay.

Using Share Code for Proof of Right to Work

Migrant workers leverage the Share Code to assert their rights within the UK. Beyond employment, this code serves multiple purposes:

  • Residency Confirmation: It's not just employers; landlords can use the share code to verify residency for property rentals.
  • Benefits Eligibility: You can ascertain if you qualify for benefits during your stay in the UK.

Right to Work in the UK Checks with Complygate

Uncertain about your need for a Share Code Right to Work for your application? If you possess the requisite documents mentioned earlier, applying for one is recommended. For those lacking the necessary documentation, comprehensive information about Right to Work documentation can be found here.

Connect with Complygate today for a better understanding of Right to Work checks. We specialise in diverse employment sector verifications, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

By choosing Complygate, you empower your business with efficient and secure Right to Work in the UK Checks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—building a diverse and legally compliant workforce.

Common FAQs about Share Codes:

  1. How Long is the Share Code Valid?
    Share codes are typically valid for 30 days from the date of generation. If your application process extends beyond this period, you may need to generate a new share code.
  2. Can I Share My Share Code with Multiple Employers?
    Yes, your share code can be shared with multiple employers. It provides a secure and controlled way for employers to verify your right to work without needing access to your personal documents.
  3. Is the Share Code the Only Method for Verification?
    While share codes offer a convenient option, you can still opt for document submission as an alternative method for verification.
  4. What Happens if I Lose My Share Code?
    If you misplace your share code, you can generate a new one following the same process. Your previous share code will become invalid, ensuring security.

Ensure a seamless and compliant Right to Work in the UK verification process by partnering with Complygate. Contact us today to explore our services and drive compliance in your workforce.

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