Key Core HR Competencies for Future

Key Core HR Competencies for Future

Key Core HR Competencies for Future

Core HR

Human Resource functions are constantly reinventing themselves with time through new visions, strategies, processes, technologies and systems. However, sustenance of transformation of the human resource functions requires the HR professionals to develop and implement a new set of competencies required to fulfil the transforming roles and responsibilities. Depending on the factors which are most likely to influence the future of HR, experts propose a competency model which encompasses both generic and specific HR competencies for general and specialised roles and businesses, respectively.

Core HR is a blanket term that constitutes the basic functions of an HR department. Core HR functions include recruitment, payroll, administration, training, compliance etc. Alternately, core HR also encompasses Human Capital Management. Core HR also includes personnel information for candidate employment and administration as well as organizational data.

The term core HR software, however, has become an alternate defining aspect for core HR characteristics and processes, along with the technological management of organizational processes to maintain core HR information. Prominent examples are Workday, SAP, SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, etc. Core HR technological systems are also referred to as HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) and the more popular term HCM.

Core HR Software platforms are mainly used to store, manage and control basic information about an organization’s employees in the local database. This database, which is centralized, contains personal information such as employee’s name, address, date of birth, national identification number, job description, payroll and tax details, leave entitlement, benefits availed, right to work and related documentation. etc.

Core HR software portal comes with an additional self-service functionality that provides employees and managers to fill in their details and make changes or updates to the existing personal information to improve timely accuracy. Many of the widely used core HR softwares come with their respective mobile app versions to augment the ease of documentation.

An organization’s core HR software can also be integrated with related HR processes like talent management, planning, training, strategic management, etc, to enhance data-based decision-making and minimizing any risks.

Many HR functions have been undergoing paradigm shifts and unprecedented alterations through the last few years. New visions and strategies are drafted, innovative plans are implemented and entire HR structures are redesigned. The concept of core skills, processes and strategies with respect to HR functions is changing and evolving with time as major shifts in the cultural workspace have given way to a more open working environment. Coupled with this change is the technological revolution which has empowered HR by arming it wit the latest technological innovations, especially the core HR software, to make HR processes and organizational workflows automated and a breeze to manage.

According to HR researchers and practitioners, the two questions that arise with regard to requisite HR competencies in the future are: (i) What are the essential competencies required from senior HR professional at corporate level? (ii) How can organizations develop these core competencies?

Key Core HR Competencies for future

According to HR experts, the requisite HR competencies corresponding to the emerging HR structure in global corporations consists of four competencies: Core, Leadership, HR Expertise, and Consultation. Importance and relevancy of core skills depends on the HR hierarchical level at which particular HR personnel operate. Major core skills are as follows:

  • knowledge of business – ability and capacity to understand and resolve competitive issues which impact the business (like market awareness, demand, technology) and thereby create profit.
  • customer orientation – seeing things from the customer’s viewpoint.
  • effective communication – clearly communicating verbal and written information.
  • Integrity – committing to your word every single time.
  • big-picture orientation – seeing things from a greater perspective and how they fit into the grand scheme of organizational workflows.
  • problem-solving skills – employing conflict resolution skills, whenever and wherever necessary, to reach set goals and priorities

Along with identification of competencies, research has also been focused on and revealed strategies for acquisition and development of these strategies. The latter part, however, is challenging as experienced professionals rate identification of HR competencies easier than their development within organizations. Once critical competencies have been identified, their strategic implementation requires considerable time and effort, which includes developmental and strategic approaches to this matter.

HR Researchers also vouch for the plan that existing HR professionals should be retrained to develop new competencies for changing requirements, rather than recruit new ones already possessing required skillsets. This is because of (i) rejection of a hire-and-fire strategy, and (ii) belief that new, career-advancing opportunities can speed up adoption and development of new competencies. HR leaders promote various strategies to ensure that new HR competencies are acquired within a period of three to five years.

How can Complygate help?

Complygate has developed an innovative, interactive yet easy-to-use solution to cater all organizational HR requirements. Complygate HR Software assists organizations in focusing on their businesses by automating all of their HR-related processes and thereby allowing them to spend their resources on more important tasks like strategic management. Complygate HR Software allows organizations to streamline their HR processes, automate and make their admin jobs seamless and introduce user-friendly workflows in all processes. Complygate HR Software also helps the HR team to make clear and informed decisions about their talent requirements and acquisitions, diversity, performance, compensation, and more by offering analytical insights and data-driven workforce planning tools which give a 360° view of all business workflows.

Complygate HR Software uses modern-day cloud-based technology to make digital workflow integration seamless so that you can make necessary changes as per your business requirements and stay on top of your game.

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