Hiring a Pre-employment Screening Company

Hiring a Pre-employment Screening Company

Hiring a Pre-employment Screening Company

Major global job markets have largely become candidate-driven. Major impetus is on the candidates and employees who are given a number of choices for various organizational roles at hand. With this immense ecosystem churning up the critical needs for the right resources, employers and headhunters feel the immense need to attract the best and right talents. This has made its imperative to conduct pre-employent screening checks for prospective candidates to prevent falsified profiles and other possibilities to creep into the system and thus harm the economy in a number of ways.

Worldwide surveys have shown that a bad hire costs an organization a number of times the salary of a normal employee, including all costs of hiring and onboarding. Thus, to minimize and eliminate all possibilities of risk, a strict and robust background screening policy is the need of the hour. Modern background screening softwares are state-of-the-art tools which make the tasks profile screening seamless and quick, thus speeding up recruitment and considerably increasing the quality of hired personnel.

Following are some of the key features to look for in a pre-employment screening organization or agency before selecting the right one:

1. Top-notch recruitment experience

A pre-employment screening organization must provide best hiring and recruitment experience for both the recruiters and candidates. This is possible through the use of a centralised database and state-of-the-art tools for candidate shortlisting and screening.

2. Having full organizational knowhow and information

It is extremely important to know beforehand the key specifics regarding specializations about a pre-employment screening agency before going ahead with one.

3. Employer research regarding the organization

Employers must research about various pre-employment screening organizations and the fields in which they specialize before finalizing one for screening their candidates.

4. Living up to marketing hype

The pre-employment screening organization must live up to its name, track records and the results promised. A single bad publicity can harm an organization’s reputation.

5. Organization researching about your company

It is extremely important that pre-employment screening organizations be well-versed with your company and should have sound practical knowledge in your field of business as well as conducting pre-employment screening in the same line of business.

6. Gap analysis

Pre-employment screening organizations must have thorough expertise in screening of incomplete and inaccurate profiles, as well as carrying out complete assessments and gap analysis of the missing details. This is a key point that demonstrates their dexterity.

7. Data Storage and Protection

Private data storage and protection must be strictly applicable to all pre-employment screening agencies as per all international data protection laws standards.

8. Auditing pre-employment information and other related details

This is an important factor which delineates general and special benefits offered by screening agencies. Auditability should be facilitated and auditing must confirm what the pre-employment screening organizations have already provided.

9. Staff

It is important to know the level of the staff which operate pre-employment screening organizations, and the level at which they operate.

10. Ensuring high quality and work standards

In a changing time, a rapidly progressing organization must ensure highest ethical standards of competency and integrity. This is one of the most important factors which a pre-employment screening organization must meet at all costs if it intends to stay competitive in business.

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