Free Business Credit Report and Score Check with Complygate

Free Business Credit Report and Score Check with Complygate

Free Business Credit Report and Score Check with Complygate

What is a Business Credit Report?

A business credit check helps get a clear and better understanding of the company's credit status. It becomes effortless to prove the company's authenticity to others with a business credit report.

Better the credit score, the higher is the company's credibility. A company should aim at maintaining a good and correct credit report from the very beginning. A company with a good credit score is financially responsible, capable of clearing bills, loans, etc., and grabbing future opportunities.

Factors that affect a company's credit score

There are several factors affecting a company's credit score. The most important and obvious one is the timely payment of invoices and all utility bills. Other than timely bill payments, other factors influence this too like

  • exceeding the overdraft limit
  • timely filing of all business accounts
  • number of times credit has been applied in past

Delay in payment of bills majorly impacts the credit score and takes a negative toll on it. It is slowly built up over time by being consistent with timely bills. There is no quick way to fix a credit score.

With several factors contributing to the credit score, there may be some discrepancies that need correction. Thus to benefit credit score, one must ensure all provided information is correct and up to date.

Why perform Business Credit Check?

Companies perform credit checks on one another to have detailed and secure financial information. Performing a business credit check can clearly illustrate a person's or company's financial risk on the business. A customer's or company's historic and current financial information can be obtained, which helps make decisions for future business opportunities.

Business credit reports provide basic corporate information and a very detailed report including information about suppliers, credit cards, utilities, loans, payment track records, outstanding balance etc.

Why choose Complygate for your Business Credit Check?

Complygate uses the most sophisticated algorithm to calculate Business Credit Scores. Several economic, industry factors and over 150 variables are considered for it.

A business credit score helps calculate a company's probability of becoming insolvent within the next 12 months. The creditworthiness of the company is highlighted through 3 colours:

Red - advises caution and requests cash payment

Amber - suggests short payment terms

Green - gives a positive credit decision

The credit score is provided on a scale of 1-100.

One must keep checking the business credit report of their own company and others that might be of interest to them. The loan requests and interest rates are highly dependent on the company business report.

With Complygate’s business credit report you can check the below mentioned

  • Verification of company's name
  • The full credit score of the company
  • Complete financial status
  • Verification of company directors
  • Knowledge of ownership structure of the company
  • Any information on CCJs, CVAs, late or missed payments

How can you check your Business Credit Score with Complygate?

Business Credit Check is essential for the financial health of any company. It allows one to get a credit score of other companies or their own.

Complygate offers a free business credit check to understand the entire process better.

Follow the simple steps to get your credit score:

  • Register yourself
  • Add company name and country
  • Click on Search
  • You can now have access to a detailed business credit report


Keeping a tab of your business credit report is of high priority and a key business component. Taking conscious efforts and being constantly aware of credit scores can help step up the business game. For this, Complygate offers a free business credit check so companies or individuals can know the benefit before signing up in bulk.

By using the business credit report from Complygate, you can gain knowledge of vital business intelligence needed for the growth of your business.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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