Different Background Checks - What is DBS, BPSS, BS7858 and SMCR

Different Background Checks - What is DBS, BPSS, BS7858 and SMCR

Different Background Checks - What is DBS, BPSS, BS7858 and SMCR

Pre-employment screening or background check can be confusing. It comes with several screening standards. We at Complygate have put together some pre-employment checks for better understanding. After reading the articles, it will be easier for you to decide which screening suits your requirements the best and how can you put them to us.

What is a DBS Check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service, more commonly referred to as DBS, is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Home Office of the United Kingdom. It provides a certificate to a person for criminal convictions. It carries out criminal record checks in England, Wales, the Channel Islands, and Man Isle. It provides a certificate to a person for criminal convictions.

Why do you need a DBS Check?

DBS check allows employers to make more informed hiring decisions. It prevents unsuitable candidates from working in vulnerable sectors, thus safeguarding them.

There are three different DBS checks: Basic DBS, standard DBS, and enhanced DBS check.

Basic DBS Check

With Complygate, you can check criminal records often in less than 24 hours. It is the most common, basic, and fastest online check available for pre-employment screening. You can refer to our basic DBS page for further information.

Standard DBS Check

It can be requested only by the employer. People working in companies regulated by the FCA or PRA need it, such as finance, accounts, security services, solicitors, health, and social care workers.

Enhanced DBS Check

It is the highest level of pre-employment screening, which includes all checks performed under the basic and standard DBS and a clearance certificate from the Police National Computer (PNC). It is mandatory for people working with vulnerable populations. The Chief Officer also runs over the report based on the address provided.

How does a DBS Check work?

A DBS check has never been this easy. With Complygate, you can log in with a one-time sign-up fee and then pay as you go for the checks needed. The entire process is fast, secure, and effortless to access. Below are the steps for performing a DBS check:

  • Complete the online application
  • DBS accepts and validates the application
  • The Police National Computer (PNC) is checked
  • Completion – the disclosure is then printed and sent to the applicant’s home address

Here is the link to detailed information on the Complygate DBS screening process and pricing.

Human-In-The-Loop Screening

Complygate offers Human-in-the-loop screening services like BPSS and BS 7858. We help you with compliance and the right hiring decisions. The entire admin job is taken care of by Complygate, so companies do not have to stress about various things.

Our screening process is quick and easy for all. We help mitigate risk and avoid fraud by screening the candidates.

What is BPSS?

BPSS, known as The Baseline Personnel Security Standard, is the minimum level of security standard required for people having direct access to government assets. Like people working as government contractors, temporary staff, civil servants, armed forces. It does not include security clearance like CTC, SC or DV.

BPSS is one of four levels of personnel security controls currently available to departments and agencies, depending on the level of assurance required. The other personal security controls currently available are Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC), Security Check (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV).

A BPSS check includes the following:

  • ID Verification
  • Right to Work check
  • 3-year work history
  • Criminal Record Check

The checks mentioned above are for employees based in the UK only. If an overseas candidate needs a BPSS, do not hesitate to contact our team, and we will help you through your requirements.

What is BS 7858?

BS 7858 checks people working in secure environments like a security role or accessing sensitive information.

BS 7858 screening includes the below mentioned checks:

  • ID Verification
  • Right to Work check
  • 5-year work history
  • Criminal record check
  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) Check
  • Sanctions Check
  • PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) Check
  • Adverse Credit Check

Complygate has several options to choose from depending on the need. Please scroll through our page to learn more and pick the proper protection you or your employers need. Visit our Human-in-the-loop screening packages for detailed information.

What is SMCR?

SMCR is the acronym for Senior Managers and Certification Regime. These checks enable the personal accountability of senior staff in the financial services sector. Individuals are more likely to be accountable for their compliance and conduct.

Employees can refer to The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority regulations to check if they are applicable for SMCR certification. FCA hold powers to impose a penalty, make public statements, investigate, and take disciplinary actions against a company.

SMCR has three key parts:

  • The Senior Managers Regime – FCA or PRA approved Managers are given defined job responsibilities. They must be ‘fit and proper’ for the role.
  • The Certification Regime – Is done for employees who can cause harm to the business.
  • Conduct Rules – This helps employees understand the company’s culture and sets expectations for good conduct. It has two tiers – The first is for all staff, while the second tier is for senior managers.

Why do you need SMCR screening?

SMCR screening helps us find reliable people with trustworthy backgrounds. The screening protects the data involved with the job. It segregates applicants based on their job description and carries out the required checks.

Complygate offers a range of basic and advanced SMCR Screening packages to choose from depending on the job requirements. You can visit our SMCR Screening page for detailed information.


If you choose Complygate for detailed information on several background checks, we promise to deliver timely services at competitive pricing in the quickest time possible. We are an honest and transparent organisation, and all our services and their prices are mentioned on the website. Any time at your convenience, you can scroll through our products or write us an email or call us, whatever may be your chosen medium of communication about your query. We will get back with all the relevant details.

Our portal is extremely easy to use. We do not have any requirement of minimum order. To make it easy and cost-effective, customers can pay as they go for the checks. There is also a bulk upload facility for a high volume of screens.

You can Book a Demo for any of the screenings provided by Complygate. Our award-winning AI and ML technology make it very quick and easy to perform screening and have detailed information. Our learned team member will guide you through the complete process and clear all your queries.

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