Background Screening: How is it an anti-corruption tool?

Background Screening: How is it an anti-corruption tool?

Background Screening: How is it an anti-corruption tool?

Can you ever really tell if your potential employees are ethical? Is there a way to save yourself or your company from hiring the wrong candidate i.e., someone who is dishonest, unsuitable, or in many cases, a dangerous individual? Solely relying on instinct is never enough.

This is where Background Screening comes in. Employment screening is the foundation when building a future-proof business.

What is Background Screening and why is it important?

Performing background checks on a potential candidate is your opportunity to deem the candidate as suitable for the role or not. It all comes down to keeping your workplace safe and protecting your employees, clients, customers and your company overall.

Here are some Benefits of Background Screening:

  • Helps keep the work environment safe.
  • Preserves brand reputation and integrity.
  • Improves transparency and hence, aids in decision-making.
  • Prevents instances of theft, violence and other criminal activities.
  • Protects your business as a whole for productive working towards company goal.

Furthermore, it helps to reduce the liability of your company. Negligence in the recruiting process may result in a variety of damages or misconduct, for which the organization is liable.

It raises issues of dishonesty and breach of trust in employment or professional relationships, as ensuring that your employees and your organization are well-protected prior to the hiring of the individual is the duty of the employer.

Bottom Line: An access to the potential candidate’s past in turn helps in predicting their future behavior by eliminating the chances of fraud and misconduct, thereby protecting your business.

How does Background Screening serve as an anti-corruption tool?

Upon understanding what Background Screening is, it is important to know what you are preventing by taking these very precautions.

The following are some ways by which a thorough background check of the candidate prior to hiring them proves to be an anti-corruption tool:

Criminal Record Checks

criminal record check is part of the background checks conducted either prior to the hiring of the applicant or during the rescreening of current employees. In the UK, DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Checks are used to run through databases and find out if the candidate has been involved or linked to any illegal activities. This encourages employees to act within the law.

Red Flags and Inconsistencies

Whether it is red flags in the workplace or in the candidate’s professional history, these are taken care of through the process of Reference Checks. It helps in nailing down an accurate judge of character and highlights the notion of quality over quantity. Hiring the right candidate with relevant qualifications can reduce employee turnover and improve the general outcome of your organisation.

PEPs Checks

Politically exposed persons (PEPs) are people whose prominent position in public life may make them vulnerable to corruption. Automate ongoing monitoring of individuals and entities against up-to-date PEPs and sanctions lists to monitor your customers daily and alert you immediately of any changes to a customer’s circumstance or status.

Complygate Sanctions and PEP Screening ensures ongoing compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Annual Rescreening

Not only is it essential to do thorough background checks on new or potential employees, but it is also critical to conduct annual rescreening processes for existing personnel. This fosters trust and contributes to a sense of safety and security in the workplace. It demonstrates that your company values employee safety, which aids in the prevention of corruption and bribery.

Final Thoughts – Where we come in the picture

Here at Complygate, we take care of all your screening needs.

We offer a variety of checks which can assist you in your hiring call for the candidate.

Our AI-powered global background checks are designed to protect your business and create unparalleled customer experience. We offer a wide range of packages and services that are flexible to you and your employment screening requirements based on your preferences.

Click here to explore our Screening Solutions.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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