A Guide to Proving Right To Work using a Share Code

A Guide to Proving Right To Work using a Share Code

A Guide to Proving Right To Work using a Share Code

In terms of employment and immigration, the Right to Work Share Code is a valuable tool provided by the UK government to assist non-UK individuals in demonstrating their ability to work. This online nine-digit alpha-numeric code not only acts as proof of the right to work, but it also gives important information about the type of job an employee is legally entitled to do and the length of time they may work.

What is a Right to Work Share Code?

The right to work share code is a nine-digit alpha-numeric code offered by the UK government, typically valid for 90 days, providing a reasonable timeframe for recruiters to verify the Right to Work status. It specifies the type of job the employee is legally permitted to perform as well as the time period for which they can work. The share code allows them to demonstrate their 'right to work' to UK employers.

Who Needs A Right To Work Share Code?

1. All Employees
This comprises British and Irish nationals, those with EU Settlement Scheme status, and people with other types of visas, such as student visas.

2. Particular Employment Categories

  • Academic Visitors Who Have Been Sponsored: Those who have been sponsored to visit for academic objectives.
  • Casual Employees: Employees engaged on a temporary basis are referred to as casual employees.
  • External Examiners: People who participate in external examination processes.
  • Fellows and Visiting Professors: Those receiving honoraria include those in educational capacities such as visiting faculty and fellows.
3. Voluntary Work
  • Individuals performing voluntary labour, such as guest lecturers or conference speakers, come under this category.
4. Continuous Service Gap of More Than 3 Months
  • When an individual's continuous service gap exceeds 3 months, a right to work check is required upon their return to work.

The Share Code's Primary Functions:

  • Job Permissions: The share code specifies the sorts of jobs the candidate is authorised to perform in the United Kingdom, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory rules.
  • Duration of Work: It clarifies the time period for which the candidate is authorised to work in the UK, which is critical information for companies.

Why to Get a Share Code:

  • Proof of Right to Work: The share code is definitive proof of the candidate’s right to work in the UK, giving companies with certainty and simplifying a more efficient recruiting procedure.
  • Digital Convenience: In the era of digitalisation, the share code provides a quick and easy way to transmit and verify Right to Work information.

How to Get A Share Code For Right To Work?

Creating this code is a straightforward process that necessitates the following documents:

  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Number: The BRP number, often known as a visa, is an important factor in determining the share code.
  • Biometric Residence Card (BRC) Number: Like the BRP, the BRC number is an important component in the development of the share code.
  • Passport or National Identity Card: These formal identity documents are essential in the process of generating share codes.

Here's a step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Share Code for Right to Work Check:

  • Go to the official website of the United Kingdom
    Navigate to the official UK government website, where you may access the Right to Work Share Code service.
  • Enter the following required documents and identification numbers
    Please provide all required documentation and identity numbers. Details from documents such as the BRP or BRC, national identity card, or passport are typically included.
  • Verify the information
    Ensure that the information entered is correct and corresponds to the details on the submitted documents. Double-checking is essential for producing error-free share code.
  • Generate Share Code
    The system creates a unique share code if all essential information is entered correctly. This alphanumeric code is essential for establishing one's right to work.
  • Share code with employer
    Inform potential employers about the generated code. Employers can use this code to verify your right to work by searching the government database.
  • Verification by the Employer
    The share code is used by employers to authenticate your eligibility for a certain function. They also gain insights into any limits or constraints to your right to work.



The share code is only valid for a set period of time, generally 90 days. It is critical to share it with potential employers as soon as possible.

How Long Is A Right To Work Share Code Valid For?

The share code validity is for 90 days from the day it is issued. This gives individuals a reasonable timeframe to inform potential employers about their right to work status. The share code can be used as many times as needed within the 90-day period. Employers can use this liberty to perform comprehensive and repeated verifications if necessary.


The Right to Work Share Code is more than just a code; it is a key to unlocking job opportunities, increasing transparency, and simplifying an important component of the employment experience for non-UK citizens. It reflects the dedication to efficiency, clarity, and empowerment in the realm of right to work check by bridging the gap between individuals and employers.

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