Recognizing the Independent Workforce: Improved Hiring Processes Help Make the Transition Easier

Recognizing the Independent Workforce: Improved Hiring Processes Help Make the Transition Easier

Recognizing the Independent Workforce: Improved Hiring Processes Help Make the Transition Easier

Today, a lot of employees don't stay with companies permanently. The term "contingent workforce" refers to this group of independent workers, which includes solopreneurs and independent service enterprises.

It is frequently difficult to tell the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Employer responsibilities, tax duties, benefits, and a variety of other things distinguish part-time workers from independent contributors. Contractors have become a highly popular resource across many businesses since they are often more economical.

Independent work is fast expanding as digital platforms provide large-scale, efficient markets that enable direct, even real-time contacts between clients in need of services and workers eager to give those services.

Smart organisations are capitalising on this new trend by hiring independent workers. This pattern is predicted to persist.

Benefits of hiring independent workforce

Employers prefer to use independent contractors for a variety of reasons.

  • The first is adaptability. Independent workforce can be engaged for a single project or work, and once done, he or she can go on to the next, with no concern for unemployment, severance, or health insurance continuance.
  • Secondly, employers can also save money by hiring independent workforce. They are not required to pay for employee benefits, training, salary or overtime, insurance payments, payroll taxes, or training.
  • Another advantage is that firms are less likely to face litigation for things like wrongful termination or job discrimination.

While this digital transformation is taking place, a number of additional factors could contribute to the growth of the independent workforce, including traditional workers' expressed desires to become self-employed. Sizable populations of the unemployed and inactive who want to work, and rising consumer and business demand for independent services.

Hiring new talent is an unavoidable part of being a business leader, but such transition in workforce recruitment involves more than just examining resumes and conducting interviews. Recruiting mistakes might discourage a competent prospect from applying with you, especially while hiring for an independent workforce. However, with the proper hiring and onboarding procedures in place, you will be able to quickly recruit and employ the top people.

How can you make your recruiting process easier and faster for both candidates and recruiters without sacrificing hiring quality? To improve your recruitment process, follow these steps:

Improvise your job postings

  • First and foremost, you must ensure that your job descriptions are both factual and appealing.
  • The easiest method to retain strong prospects is to meet their expectations and begin with an honest employment offer.
  • Another critical factor to consider is where your recruitment team will share your vacant opportunities.
  • With a few clicks, the proper recruiting software can enable your hiring staff distribute your positions across many job boards at the same time.

Utilize AI-Assisted Candidate Screening like Complygate

  • Candidate screening, which helps recruiters to sift out applicants who are inappropriate for a position and focus on those who most closely fit the requirements, is one of the most crucial processes in the recruiting process.
  • The best approach is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the screening process, and Complygate may be the greatest alternative given that all screening methods are offered under a single roof.
  • The AI technology from Complygate streamlines your recruiting procedure while keeping high screening standards.
  • Contrarily, the technology used to assess applicants does not get bored reading resumes or succumb to unconscious prejudice the way we do.

Encourage social media for recruiting

  • Social recruitment is an excellent method for contacting the appropriate people and enticing talent to your brand and culture.
  • You may use your employees' vast personal and professional connections, as well as friends and acquaintances, as a potentially wonderful opportunity to attract exceptional staff.
  • Social media may assist recruiters enhance the initial screening of candidates and select who should continue on to the following phases of the recruiting process, therefore speeding up the hiring process.
  • Let employee referrals come to play

    • Referrals from existing workers or individuals in your network are one of the finest ways to hire outstanding prospects.
    • Referrals are an excellent approach to check potential candidates before conducting interviews. If a valued employee suggests a past colleague or a friend with extensive work experience, you may be confident that this new applicant will perform an excellent job.
    • Ascertain that the candidate's qualities make them a perfect fit for the job and utilise the referral as confirmation that you're making the appropriate recruiting decision.
    • Improve your candidates’ engagement

      • Plan your recruiting process touchpoints and use recruitment software features like email automation to keep candidates informed about where they stand in the procedure and serve them with a better candidate experience.
      • Build bulk, personalised templates in which you outline their application progress and inform them of the following stages.
      • With a few clicks, you can maintain every prospect up to date and avoid the candidates from leaving out due to a lack of contact.

      How does Complygate help in your hiring processes?

      • Complygate is designed to provide a positive applicant and recruiter experience. For intelligent analysis and fraud detection, our tools are combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
      • It assists you in confirming the identity and credentials of people you are allowing access to your physical asset or data, as well as reducing the risk of an insider causing harm to your organisation.
      • Complygate provides a straightforward digital experience combined with automation to assist organisations in understanding, managing, and mitigating recruiting risks.
      • Complygate's short response time allows you to swiftly recruit the right people. Our screening procedures are completed in hours, not days.

      With these measures and Complygate, you can ensure that your recruitment staff is successful in attracting, engaging, and employing the finest individuals.

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Use Complygate to increase confidence in decision making.

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