7 Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Trends in 2021

7 Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Trends in 2021

7 Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Trends in 2021

It's no surprise that firms are rethinking their talent acquisition and recruiting strategies for 2021 after such a turbulent year in 2020. The pandemic was not the only factor that influenced market shifts, though it was a significant factor. Many technological developments have transformed the entire landscape of recruitment in the previous decade.

While technology advances at a rapid rate, adoption is often far slower. Because firms might as well be unable to navigate a rapidly changing workplace if they did not adapt, the usage of some recruiting and personnel management technologies grew in 2020.

The following are the talent acquisition and recruiting trends that we should expect to see in 2021, with all of these given changes:

Remote interviews:

Remote interviewing is one of the most current developments in the talent acquisition and recruiting industry. Remote interviewing entails conducting job interviews using video conferencing software, just like if they were conducting a typical face-to-face interview. The recruiter, their colleagues, and the candidate join a video chat and the interview is done this way.

While this is a popular trend, it is not without its drawbacks. If a candidate cannot interview in a clean or professional environment, it might be difficult to present themselves in a professional manner as well as the unforeseen technical problems that are beyond a candidate's control can cause applicants to become panicked and lose confidence, which can turn employers to reject a candidate.

Remote interviewing will likely become less common as the epidemic eases with the introduction of vaccinations and other therapies, but given its convenience, flexibility to be utilized on short notice, and use in collaborative hiring, but don't anticipate it be over with the pandemic as it is going to be there even after the pandemic.

Experience of the candidate:

Employees report that companies that focus on creating a good experience and corporate culture are more productive and highly profitable. The applicant experience is subject to the same impacts. Employers have enhanced candidate experiences by upgrading career sites and utilizing surveys to get input from candidates.

Candidates prefer career sites that are simple to navigate and that allow them to rapidly create a profile, search for opportunities, and apply for employment. Job seekers will browse career sites that have been optimized in these ways. If these processes are not simple, candidates would also be less inclined to strongly suggest career sites that are uncomfortable, inefficient by being slow, or difficult to use.

Applicants can tell how professional a company is by how they interact with candidates, arrange and perform interviews, and follow-up processes. In a competitive labour market, net experience is essential not just for acquiring the finest people available, but also for beating out your competitors for that talent.

Inclusion and diversity:

Another area of increasing attention for HR directors is diversity and inclusion, which has a direct impact on the talent acquisition and recruiting process. Recruiters are responsible for finding and introducing a broader range of applicants into the talent pool as it has been seen that businesses with a varied staff and inclusive environment have higher productivity and profitability.

These objectives may present some difficulties, such as racial or gender bias in favour of or against certain candidates, as well as the unintentional omission of highly qualified, highly skilled candidates.

Workers on a contract basis:

Staffing the workforce is becoming increasingly challenging as firms face a prolonged period of instability and uncertainty. Variable needs and short-term operations necessitate flexibility, and only contingent labour can assist satisfy these requirements.

For contingent workers, the talent acquisition process differs from that of full-time employees, and companies must be prepared to find, acquire, and process these sorts of hiring. A vendor management system can be beneficial for handling contingent labour procurement, but companies need also be prepared to leverage their career site and social media marketing to attract employees, as well as set up alternative interview methods and vendor approval processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI):

The application of artificial intelligence to enhance methods of sourcing, identifying, and engaging people is one of the fastest developing areas of recruitment and selection software today. It is also utilized to aid in the elimination of biases in applicant identification, selection, and employment. AI is popular because the technologies can accomplish a lot of heavy lifting quickly while also bringing value and automation to the recruiting process.

Based on the skills and potential derived from applicant profiles, resumes, and social media, the AI software can source, filter, sort, and rank individuals to build a pipeline of competent candidates who are likely to succeed in open jobs. These processes necessarily involve manual activities that have to be done in a highly repetitive way, however, they are accomplished through the use of an AI-based talent acquisition tool, it could save the recruiter’s hours and days of effort and with the AI it could be done in minutes efficiently.

Machine learning contributes to AI's continual improvement, which implies that the software grows more effective as it is utilized.

Employer Branding:

People want to work for organizations that they are proud of. As a result, the most essential factor for an employer is to establish their employer brand and make the company's vision and goal abundantly clear. This is one of the reasons why businesses are focusing on developing website components dedicated to the business vision, employee experience and stories, and other impactful employer branding material.

Recruiting on social media:

As recruiters go further, the natural next step is to go where their potential aspirants are, and the majority of them are already on social media. Recruiters will increasingly catch job hunter's attention on social media platforms as mobile usage and on-the-go interactions rise. Some organizations with the aim of social media recruitment, urge their workers to share their successful content to attract new employees and increase their recruitment strength.

Complygate is very much keeping up with these trends and the company’s core service is very much oriented towards the Artificial Intelligence trend. With the successful implementation of AI, Complygate is able to help many employers in providing insights on potential candidates and speeding up the recruitment process.

Employers should keep up with these trends and at the same time, they should not underestimate the importance of screening their potential candidates. Complygate offers fairly priced packages that save the employers effort and time to select a potential candidate.

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