6 Reasons Why Employees Who Want to Keep Working Remotely Should be Allowed to

6 Reasons Why Employees Who Want to Keep Working Remotely Should be Allowed to

6 Reasons Why Employees Who Want to Keep Working Remotely Should be Allowed to

Remote working which can also be termed as’ work from home’, has become a need of the current situation of covid-19. This pandemic arrangement of work improves the productivity of both employers and employees.

In the starting of pandemic (covid-19) the remote working system was imposed to the employee and they took time to settle down with this virtual way of work culture. It was sudden change for them in the starting but now after adapting the change they find it comfortable and better way of working compared to traditional one (working in office environment).

Now question arises in everyone's mind, what are the benefits of remote work and why employees should be allowed to work in the same arrangement of work even after this pandemic of covid-19.

6 Reasons You Should let Employees Continue to Work Remotely

These are 6 pointers which can facilitate company to consider remote working as a long-term arrangement:

1.Reinvest the commuting time:

Before covid-19 people use to travel to the office for work and most of the employee use to waste their quality time in commuting. Cutting out commute can be both morale booster as well as time saver. Other than time they can save the expense of travelling by working remotely. Apart from money and time commuting less will keep them safe as well in current scenario.

2.Productive working of employee:

The organization and their leaders need to believe or trust their employee, that they can work efficiently from home. According to many surveys employees working from home are more productive than in office. Working from home leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, peaceful work environment and less meetings. These things impact the quality and productiveness of work.

3.Reducing the expense:

Remote working employee can save the expense of transportation, office space, parking space and fuel. Many expenses can be eliminated from day today life. Which can be a kind of saving for the employees. These savings add and put more money back into the pockets of employee. These savings are not only for employees, but for the employers. Due to covid –19 most of the companies allowed their workers to work from home even after pandemic, which can result into long- term cost saving for them.

4.Balancing work life:

One of the major reason people choose or request to work from home is for work life balance. In today’s life of employees there are many other commitments apart from office work like, dropping and picking up kids from their classes and some other kid of family commitments too.

We can’t miscalculate how high this counts in terms of employee satisfaction. A company that makes your job easy and lasting commitments is clearly one that value you as a human rather than a robot at work. This means employee feels more valued by the company. As a result of which they work more dedicatedly and efficiently for the company.

5.Growing applicant pool:

One of the primary drivers behind the success of remote working is millennial influence. The young generation are quite friendly in terms of technology and its productive implications. They have grown up using this technology to commute from anywhere to everywhere they want. Therefore, they expect this type of system in workplace as well.

For younger generation workplace pliability is one of the factors they consider while searching for new job. Providing with these types of benefits can help young and highly skilled employees who might not be interested in these roles otherwise.

Work from home on the other hand also opens the door for the employers to hire efficient employee globally. This practice widens the hiring territory. Remote work will help businesses to work with most talented individuals, regardless of where they are based.

6.Make better use of technology:

We can’t even imagine of work from home without the technology what we have today. These technologies keep us mobile and accessible all the time through smartphones with fast Wi-Fi connections, instant messaging, project management software etc. These technologies allow employees to communicate and collaborate instantly.

People may have different opinions about remote workforce like, how they will perform, how they will uplift the company by their work and many such questions. But providing them this technology proved that they could contribute more for the productive work of the organization.


Letting employee work from home is a wise decision in this crucial circumstance of coronavirus. Though it is a big decision for the employers, but this is a decision on which you will never regret. There are ample of benefits of remote working which companies should keep in mind. It is related to employees as well as employers' benefit for the growth of the company.

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